A year in Greenwich Park: Meadow-like and an increase in volume

I'm a bit late with my May edition of a year in Greenwich Park, most likely because for me, May is always a social month with a busy end as I celebrate my birthday. There's also less photos in this update, and I'm not quite sure why. It could be that even more than usual I was rushing through the park trying to be somewhere five minutes before I left, yes that happens a lot more in May too. Or because May is the month I enjoy and so want to savour it all for real, rather than from behind my iPhone, who knows.  

The one thing that struck me about Greenwich Park this month though was how it adopted a meadow-like look and feel. Not something I expected, or ever noticed before. But now thanks to my walking commute I have the time to take in my surroundings, and see them change almost day by day.

Greenwich Park adopting the meadow look early in May
A close up of the meadow plants not something I thought I'd see in a central london park

There's been some rain too this month, I've avoided most of it including the heavy downpours in the latter half of the month, but sometimes my feet have got wet as I've crossed the dewy grass on my more direct route.  

With rain, the trees have grown - something I've noticed in our garden too - in Greenwich Park, it wasn't so much how they'd grown, but how the canopy had spread. On the very dampest of mornings you couldn't help but notice a dusting of heaviness and almost oppressiveness. 

How the trees have filled out this month
The view down my regular walking commute route to work where the canopy is now much more dense

In the Flower Garden the rhododendrons have been catching my eye as they've developed from buds at the start of the month to full-blown blooms now. Long may they continue!

Rhododendrons at the start of the month starting to bloom
Rhododendrons flowering by the end of the month

The increase in noise has come from a steady increase of people using the park. Not a bad noise but just the hubbub of life in London, culminating in half-term last week and nice weather. It was great to see friends and families enjoying the sun.  The boating lake, which I walk past each day has different occupants in the morning to the evening. 

The mornings appear to be reserved for dogs, sticks and balls while later the clientele changes somewhat and the boats come into use. I do wonder if the afternoon clientele realise the boating lake's morning exploits. The dogs are funny though as they bound in, as they do, except for one morning there was a smaller dog looking none too sure. Meanwhile the larger dogs got out and left a puddle on the side of the lake, which the smaller one promptly rolled around in.  Seems the perfect way to fit in, I guess.

And yes, I'm not sure I'd go in either.

The 'green' boating lake in greenwich park

This wouldn't be a proper monthly update without a look at 'my tree' would it, it's filled out rather nicely again hasn't it?

And 'my tree' has regained its symmetrical shape

It's quite apt that I've posted this update today as it was the day that for one of the few times since last August the walking commute was rained off, but just a single bus journey reminded me of just how lucky I am.

Do you have a place that you visit and notice how it changes month by month?