My week this week: Shocker

Yes, we've had a shocker of a week and I've ummed and ahhed about writing this post, which is why it's not appeared until now.  There's been some good shocks, a mystery and one that's not good at all.

Last Saturday we celebrated MOH's big birthday, the final part of our 110 celebrations, with a meal out at Sparrow in Lewisham. We'd heard good reviews, and it was great, not what we expected from a restaurant in Lewisham, but a very pleasant surprise. It was the type of restaurant that serves small plates and are becoming 'the norm' in many parts of central London, so to find one of equal quality a bus ride away felt like a big win. 

Also good, if not a little exhausting is that I've got my bike out again and have managed two and a half days of commuting by bike.  I'll come onto why it's only two and a half days later on but my cycling commute is about two miles, so not a big one. It's downhill on the way there, but not on the way back. It takes me about five minutes longer to get home and it's decidedly warmer that way too!

It's been good fun though and I even cycled into work on Tuesday when I knew rain was forecast for the evening. I was resigned to getting wet, and I wasn't wrong. However not quite for the reasons I expected. I stayed at work a little later than usual to get something done, and I was glad I did, you see as MOH phoned to say he'd be later than he thought as he'd been pushed off his bike by two people on a moped and they'd stolen his bike, so he was walking through the Greenwich foot tunnel.

Of course, as usual I didn't hear my phone (I rarely do) and so I listened to his voicemail not quite believing what I was hearing. I was frantically phoning him back, but by now he was in the foot tunnel and out of range. Gah!

He met me where I park my bike and regaled the whole story on our walk home in the rain, me pushing my bike, him looking a little forlorn. He told me how he'd phoned the police but was unable to get through and how one of the residents in Ferry Street came out and helped him clean his grazes and even offered to get in her car to find the perpetrators. They'd be long gone though. After they pushed him off and he and his bike went separate ways across the road and he'd asked what was going on (perhaps not quite so politely as that) deciding quickly not to do anything because you never know, the moped passenger picked up his bike, put it on his shoulder, and got back on the moped before they sped off.

HIs bike was insured, was registered with BikeRegister and the incident was reported to the Police (who've not been that interested it must be said) but none of that is any comfort when it was so blatantly stolen from literally under him. Apart from a few bumps, bruises and grazes he's ok; annoyed but very aware that it's just a possession. And after the past few days in London with subsequent moped attacks, grateful it wasn't anything worse. Me too, obviously, but so, so frustrating. He's also bikeless and annoyed he has to use public transport again to get to work. 

I've offered my bike as a loan, but he wasn't keen...

It's a faff to get everything sorted too with the Police and with the insurance, and to find a replacement bike.  But we keep reminding ourselves, it's just a possession.  We'll get it sorted soon I'm sure, and hopefully in time for a few days away in Suffolk at the end of the month, which as you'd expect were to include a couple of days cycling.

But that's not all. 

On Saturday I went into the garden to check out the greenhouse and discovered a large smooth stone on the grass by the greenhouse door. Perplexed, but relieved that it hadn't hit the glass, I thought nothing more of it. It was only later that we discovered four more - and four larger stones - around the rear of our garden we started to wonder. 



It's unlikely that these have been carried by birds, even the smallest of them would be tricky but potentially possible by a bigger bird than we're used to seeing in our garden. More likely, sadly, is that they've come over the fence from our neighbours. I'd like to be wrong, but we've only found them at the rear of the garden which is where our neighbour's child and friends play often unsupervised. I'm waiting to see if any more appear before heading round to their front door to find out more. 

So quite a week, and as I said a bit of a shocker in many ways.  Let's hope there's less shocks - and less stones - next week.  I'd be interested to know what you'd do about the stones, let me know in the comments.