I've said before that it's rare for us to leave Norfolk empty handed, and last weekend was no exception especially as it's prime marrow time. They grow prolifically in dad's garden. often seeding themselves from compost. I tried to leave with just one, but the choice I was given was "this three" or "those three" - so I did the honourable thing and opted for three, I've no idea which three though! 

Two pumpkins and three marrows

To make it up to a nice round number - well five - dad also cut a couple of pumpkins for me to ripen at home. I've a growing supply of pumpkin recipes, but marrows not so much.  Stuffed marrow was a childhood favourite and I've updated that by using a spicier bolognaise sauce and even adding some chorizo, but even so there's only so much of that you can eat.  My other top use for marrow is chutney making, but as I've a mountain in the cupboard already from previous years chutney making isn't on my agenda either.

So, hit me with your marrow recipes, I'm all ears...