July's flowers: Fuchsias, agapanthus and succulents (yes succulents)

Remember those giant fuchsias I had a while back? Well they've grown, and flowered.  And while the flowers could be described as giant, the plants are still not quite in the giant category. They have grown tremendously since even the end of May, but I think that (assuming they survive the winter) next year they'll be brilliant.

The buds of the flowers gave a hint of the fullness of the flowers within, looking fit to burst at any moment.

My giant fuchsias getting ready to flower

And when they did, pretty ballerinas with frilly skirts were on display. I don't think there's been more than a couple of flowers on each plant at a time, but given there's so much flower that's not surprising is it?

giant fuchsias in flower - pretty ballerinas

They last pretty well too, and still have a certain elegance even as they fade.

Even as they fade the giant fuchsias look pretty

Elsewhere in the garden the hardy fuchsia bush was up for the chop. It looks dramatic - and quite a bit was cut off - but it was the lower branches which were starting to swamp the grass. Seeing it in the trug waiting to go to the compost bin looking so pretty almost made me regret it, but then looking back at the bush that looks way better too.

Trimming the hardy fuchsia bush

July was also the month that deadheading also came into its own with gazanias, sweet peas, giant fuchsias and roses all combining to make this striking photo - helped by the pretty pink trug.



By the conservatory our agapanthus buds were finally opening, there was a while to go before the flowers started to open but watching these is fascinating. 

Agapanthus starting to flower

And when they open, they're breathtakingly stunning.

agapanthus with the flowers starting to open

Outside my greenhouse something quite remarkable has taken place in my succulent trug. Some of my succulents have started flowering, and they're the most delicate flowers. 


I've never seen succulents flower, especially any of my own. And if I'm honest I'm surprised they have because I do very little to help them. Most of these were pretty neglected last winter, as I forgot I'd left them in the hanging basket on the cherry tree. But I do wonder if that contributed to this year's flowers, as after all they are alpines, who knows?

and there were plenty of succulent flowers too - the first time I've seen them flower

There's been plenty more flowers in the garden during July but these three are my favourite plants, so it's good to see them all flowering at the same time.  What's your favourite plant?