Reflecting on my week

Argh! I've fallen out of the habit of writing these posts and now that I've sat down to it's hard to know where to start. You'll probably also have spotted instead of appearing at the end of the week, it's reflecting on last week, or maybe a little more in this first new-style post. I'm hoping that will help me post these more regularly again, we'll see...

So what's been going on?

Well, I've been proud of myself for finally teaching myself to crochet.  It's amazing what a bit of motivation can do, isn't it?  There's been a few wool purchases since then too, but for some of those I countered that by walking to the shop and back again, which surely makes it less of a guilty pleasure...

I collected the wool for my Kalevala blanket, which started this current obsession, from the post office at the weekend. The package was open when I picked it up, but thankfully it was all there and unharmed.  I'm slightly nervous that it will become one of *those* projects that hangs around for a while (and will join the others I have!), I'm not sure yet if my skill level is up to the crochet along bit, but we'll see.

I've been super-proud of my youngest niece who's off to university. She's heading off to Aberystwyth which is a fair way from home. And considering she's off to "wet Wales" her good luck present has been an entirely practical waterproof. MOH was all for sending her some leeks, but I think she'll have enough of those over the next few years.

We've had plenty of giggles watching Top of the Pops from 1984 on BBC4. We've been admiring and reminiscing (sometimes with horror) at the outfits on display, but also amazed at how many of the songs are still played on the radio today.  Despite the big hair, mullets, and dodgy fashion it was the best time - and ah, the memories of my white canvas boots from Faith, the stories they could tell, I'm sure...



Work has at times been trying, which is the best way to describe it I think - busy or according to Cosmo #busybusyverybusy but I've been pleased to discover a network of people that are there to bolster me, and for that I'm truly thankful. 

On a ponderous walk home I decided to close my "a year in Greenwich Park" series here on the blog, because amazingly that year is up.  I considered carrying on, but then thought that two years in Greenwich Park didn't have such a ring to it.  I'm hoping that a new observation project will present itself shortly, much like my crochet project did! 

I've also booked a holiday, but not until October, when we'll be heading to Porto and the Douro Valley. It's a holiday that is much needed, and we're both looking forward to escaping and for some downtime. MOH is hoping for some cycling, but as ever our cycling ambitions are poles apart. He's been keenly watching the bike race in Spain with hills so steep even the professionals take on the look and speed (or lack of) of me cycling up the much gentler hill in Greenwich Park.  I think that's his aim, but mine is a nice pootle along the river with a bottle of wine (or maybe Port, as when in Rome...) to recover.  I've delegated the bike booking to him, so hopefully we'll still be talking by the time we come home! 

This weekend I was left to my own devices on Saturday, which was great and I had big plans to spend the day catching up with things on the blog. But as it turned out that was, unusually for me, the very last thing I wanted to do, so I didn't.  Instead I enjoyed plenty of pottering about and time to myself, and before I knew it he was home from a long day at work.

Sunday we headed to OnBlackheath, we've been in the past and this year I wasn't fussed by it. MOH though wanted to see the Fun Lovin' Criminals and The Libertines so off we went. Sometimes you make those compromises right?  As well as these we saw KT Tunstall (impressive), Tom Grennan (worth hearing more of), Jake Bugg (could happily miss) and Seasick Steve (good, but would have preferred more Fun Lovin' Criminals).

We'd seen Huey Morgan at a small gig in Canary Wharf a short time back so I was looking forward to seeing more, and it was good, but short. Just a forty minute set. Usually when we go to concerts MOH schools me in the music we're off to hear. He hadn't done that with The Libertines and I found out as they headlined why - he was pretty sure I wouldn't like it and would put it in my "bangy and shouty" category and I suspect he thought I'd want to leave early.

All of this would have been true. So fair play to MOH, he knows me pretty well!

But an hour of their music and antics - where part-way through their set they seemed to forget what the plan was - was too much for me, especially when I was cold. So cold that after we'd drunk the bottle of red we bought on arrival, we opted for coffee instead of more alcohol and even then I was struggling to hold it still.  I don't really feel the cold, but looking at the autumnal forecast we'd been sensible and taken extra clothes. I knew we might be struggling when by 6pm we'd put them all on.  For me, that even included socks.  Even just writing this has made me shiver...

Of their hour long set I recognised one and a bit tracks - and the bit was when I realised that mostly when The Libertines appear on our ever shuffled playlist at home, I always skip to the next song. Indeed, but MOH was pleased to see them and I suspect he's come to plenty of events with me that he'd rather have stayed home for.

So what have you been up to?