Reflecting on my week #2

I think the sign of a full and productive weekend is not sitting down to write this post until gone 8pm on a Monday, but as I've decided to number these posts I'm determined to make it happen.  The working week passed in its usual blur of sleep - work - eat repeat pattern and while that makes it sound incredibly dull, it isn't. Or at least if I could remember what it involved it isn't, it was one of those weeks where I felt like I achieved lots in the end, but it wasn't always plain sailing getting there.

Often with work days like that I find myself home later than I'd planned and then almost compelled to sit quietly allowing my thoughts and the day to catch up with me. I'm regularly sat there with nothing to distract me, not even a cup of tea, when MOH comes home and I'm sure he thinks I'm a right weirdo (and maybe I am) but sometimes it just takes the peacefulness to unwind and recharge.

With weeks like this I find myself looking forward to the weekend and cramming it full of things I want to do. I'm always over optimistic with my to do lists and weekends are no different.  This weekend MOH was working Saturday morning and I had the grandest plans to get myself up-to-date, or at least half-way respectable, spend some time crafting, work out what to eat for dinner that night and to pop over to the allotment. 

Well, at least I managed the last two!

Heading home from the plot with sunflowers

I decided that heading to the local shops before going to the allotment was the wrong way round, and so while they're in different directions it was allotment first, then shops, then home. It turned out that I ended up arriving at the shops with a full shopping bag - lucky I'd planned to bring two - and some rather gorgeous sunflowers, which were much admired by everyone in both the butchers and the greengrocers.

It was good to leave the plot fully laden for once, it's been a bit of a bare year for us this year - mainly because we focused on getting our garden party-ready and that meant seedlings were neglected and so sulked a bit and haven't really produced. 

The borlotti beans though it seems are beyond sulking and we've had our best year so far. I picked just short of half a kilo and arrived in the butchers (with sunflowers) asking for something that went with them and left with a lovely boned pork loin, with a herb rub and topped with bacon. That's what I love about shopping local and that's asking the butcher what's good this week and being flexible rather than turning up with a prescribed list. 

The borlotti beans were super tasty and I'll be sharing more about them tomorrow.

Admiring the borlotti beans from our plot

Sadly the weather has encouraged our weeds to grow again and so on Sunday I was back at the plot this time with MOH, two strimmers, a hoe and a fork in tow. We needed to do enough to make it look as if our plot was still loved, and the strimmers helped massively there. MOH set about weeding around our sorry-for-themselves squash bed, which the slugs are enjoying more than we are while I dealt with the tomatoes that have blight. I've picked three green tomatoes and I'm not even sure they'll make it as they don't have that translucent-ness that green tomatoes usually have.  And then I picked up almost a trug-full of windfall crab apples for the compost heap, mostly because I was fed up of walking over them, but also because I needed something other than weeds for the compost!

And the fork? That was to dig up some of our potatoes because somehow leaving the plot with produce always makes us feel better and encouraged. We left with half a small paper sack of our own potatoes, ranging in size from very tiny to somewhat respectable.  And there's more to come.

Back home I took to checking on some of the weeds in our front garden which I'd used some Miracle Gro weed killer on with mixed results. It's strong stuff and so I think I'd been super cautious and some of our more rampant weeds were still going strong.  I'll share more on that soon, I hope.

Red and purple chillies from the greenhouse

The greenhouse was rearranged so I could get in there again, when the rain started one weeknight the week before our sun loungers were hastily stored in there. They're now where they should be - in MOH's shed - and I was able to pick some of these red and purple chillies. They may be small, but boy do they pack a punch and two of them almost blew our heads off with Sunday evening's tea!

I like plants that pretty much look after themselves, and our sage is exactly that. A few stems went into the borlotti beans and some more in with the pork.  It's easy to use herbs in cooking when they're growing in the back garden, at the moment I've no rosemary in the garden but have a couple of small bushes at the allotment and should really take more cuttings both for there and to have in the garden.

Sage freshly picked from the garden

I'm still hooked on crochet and before I make a start on the Kalevala that captured my imagination I'm starting with some more humble Granny Squares. I'd looked up how many I might need and it's quite a lot. You'll know by now that I'm not one for too much convention so a throw of regimented four inch squares probably isn't the way I'll go. I saw a "patchwork" approach blanket in a magazine this weekend and my inspiration was inspired. I've worked out a way of piecing multiple sized squares together and am now back motoring on my squares. 

I might adopt some of those square designs for my current blanket, but I also think I've found my next - or one after next - project. It's amazing how quickly my planned projects are amassing. And just like other parts of my life I know I'm over ambitious about what I can fit in, and know that I won't get to the bottom of my to do list, but I'll have great fun trying!

Looking ahead to this week work will be busy, but that's ok, I've a day off on Wednesday which will be a bit bonkers as I'm off to Doncaster for the day for some crafting fun with Fellowes (the people who provided some small office equipment which I needed to overcome my overwhelm for) and I'll be sharing more of that. And in other good news the darts season has started so I can look forward to an evening a week to myself too, of course I plan to use that to catch up with myself and yes, it's tonight, and somehow I'm still writing the first post I set out complete...

Maybe I should aim to be more realistic, but then again where's the fun in that?!