Recycled plastic rugs, that don't look like recycled plastic rugs

I suspect that when you read that you thought of stiff, shiny woven rugs didn't you? I know that my mind had some trouble computing when I read the sign and saw the attractive looking - and soft to the touch - rugs in the box from Eco Braids, which I spotted on that trip to the House & Garden store at Snape Maltings.  But they are the recycled rugs in question and I tested them they're not stiff or shiny at all. In fact I don't think you'd know about their green credentials unless you knew, if you know what I mean.

100% recycled plastic rugs in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

They can be used inside or out and are machine washable - just as the sign says.  The colourways have some cracking names too: paprika, putty, sapphire, wasabi and pewter. I'm very tempted for when I replace the mat we have by our back door.


What do you think?

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