Reflecting on my week #18

It's been another quiet weekend here where we've both been snuffly, but yet determined; for MOH, he's been determined to get well and get out on his bike for the first time this year - and he managed that, and for me, I've been equally determined not to catch the lurgy which is doing the rounds, and which kept MOH away from work for a couple of days this week (which is usually unheard of) It's been a close call though. I thought I was doomed Friday evening, but I think *touches wood, crosses fingers, etc. etc.* I might have managed it, or at least for now anyway.

It seems everyone has it, or has had it - have you? - so I could just be delaying the inevitable, but we'll see. My tactic of hibernating these past two weekends could be helping, but so is staying in the warm and making the most of being home.  MOH is getting cabin fever though, and unless I succumb next weekend will be a bit more active, and a bit more normal, I hope.

Of course he only told me he was bored when he was back at work, which was a shame as I'd plenty of jobs he could have done. In fact I'm pretty certain there's a list somewhere. 

Our toaster knob is finally fixed

One thing did get ticked off the list though, and that was repairing our toaster. The timer had stopped, well timing, and sticks burning the toast unless you're careful. What seemed like a simple task understandably moved to the "too tricky list" when faced with the array of different replacement spare parts. But this week it got sussed, ordered, delivered and fitted, so now our ten-year-old-toaster is like  new again.  This was the part that broke, it looks so simple...

This is the piece that was replaced in our toaster

To celebrate there's been much toasting - bagels, crumpets and this seeded soda bread from one of the Elly Pear books. It's quite a cakey bread, but tasty and makes a change from our sourdough and from our fall back of bagels. It's quite weird to make, and to watch it almost erupt in front of you, but I'd make it again. Apparently it freezes well, but I'm not sure we're going to find out. 

seeded soda bread to celebrate

There's been more crochet - still on the my first yellow-based project, and I *might* have bought some more wool for "a square a week" challenge, so I'm waiting for that to arrive so I can catch up. I have been overrun with boxes this week too, as the replacement stool from Cult Furniture arrived double-boxed and thankfully safely undamaged - they're the next post, so pop over there to find out more about them. 

There's also been more Brussels sprouts, and I'd like to say we're onto the last of them, but not yet. We've moved to having them sliced and stir-fried and they've proved successful like this, which is lucky as I like I said there's still a few more!

Looking ahead the weather forecast this week looks to be just as grim as last week, but windier and wetter - so there's something to look forward too! It's the time of year that I'm least keen on, but even I've noticed that the evenings are starting to get lighter, and so, now we just need to work on the mornings!

To combat the greyness and the general January-ness I'm planning a trip or two. One to the Glass House at Wisley, where it'll be lovely and warm, to see the butterflies and another as a treat weekend away early next month. Not anywhere too far away, but if I can somewhere with a country feel, hopefully a hotel with a good restaurant and spa attached, and a roaring real fire too - let me know if you know somewhere I'd love...