Catching up with #DecemberReflections2017

I've only posted a few photos in the December Reflections facebook group, but have decided to catch up - or catch up as much as I can - here in a separate post.  It's morphed into a Gentle January photo challenge and I plan to dip into and out of that too and I'll post those photos in my "my week" post on a Monday, much the same as I did for the start of the December prompt. 

december reflections 2017 - I let go of

17. I let go of... 

The last cardboard box. Just fifteen years after moving in it's now empty.

Not bad going hey?

It was full of childhood memories and a few old photos, but more on that later in this post.



December reflections 2017 Brings me joy

19. Brings me joy

It's something I knew already, but Greenwich Park brings me joy - and even more so now that I walk through it on the way to work each day.

But this year I realised that if I don't get enough Greenwich Park in a week then I really miss it. At this time of year my visits are mostly mornings, but walking home in the daylight that Friday before Christmas was a real treat.

It just goes to show that often it's the things around us everyday that really do bring us joy, if we stop and realise.



21. This year was

For this prompt I cheated slightly and turned to my best nine photos on Instagram, and it was both revealing and I think has most things, apart from our holidays, covered.  From left to right, the top row has a pretty wisteria covered door in Greenwich, a mass of blooming roses in our garden, which had popped over from next door and a snowy bike scene in Munich back in January towards the end of the Stihl/Viking factory visit trip.

December Reflections 2017 - This year was

The middle row has flowering wisteria in Greenwich Park on one of those blue skied days, the snow-laden trees that lined the autobahn in Germany and taken through the coach window, and some gardening equipment that caught my eye in a Norfolk garden centre. The little drawer unit also turned out to be a birthday present and now stores all of my seeds (and yes, it's pretty full!).

The final row shows part of an allium in my garden, part of a sunflower in the Queen's Orchard in Greenwich Park and a sunset also in Greenwich Park taken on the walk home one evening.

22. Skyline

An easy choice would have been a London skyline, which is often great to look at, but instead I choose the view from the Viking factory in Kufstein, which I visited last January.  It was a new-to-me skyline and while I'm not usually a mountain and snow kind of girl, this one was something special. And that the factory had full length windows on this side of the building so everyone could make the most of the view, was pretty special too.

the view from the Viking factory in Kufstein
December reflections 2017 today is

25. Today is...

Well, it was a bit full on. But it was filled with family and friends and good food, great presents, laughter and by the end of the day a messy table, but full and contented guests. 

The house alarm going off at 2.39am could have put a damper on things, but we're blaming that on Father Christmas.  Well, you would wouldn't you?

And the photo? Well that's MOH's Yule Log and it really did taste as good as it looks. It was one of those "well, are you going to take a photo" moment, so of course I duly did.  It was one of very few from our Christmas Day.

We didn't watch much TV either, but did tune in just in time to see the Doctor regenerate, some Strictly and a bit of Bake Off, where of course the challenge was to bake a Yule Log...

29. My eyes

This was the photo I rediscovered in the cardboard box I emptied above, and it really does seem to be about the eyes.  If I recall rightly they're saying "why on earth are you taking a photo of me looking like this" or something quite similar.  The reason for the hard hat was we'd just been down a mine, like you do and was part of a visit to Wales most likely in the 90s. So they're also much younger eyes too.  And accompanied by longer hair.

December Reflections 2017 My Eyes

That's as many days as I managed, even retrospectively, and if you want to see my photos of the remaining days I took part they're included in the following posts: