Reflecting on my week #19

It's been another week dominated by the weather here, the winds and rain arrived as promised and I think I mostly avoided the rain. The wind woke me a few times in the windiest night and I was half expecting to find the garden rearranged and at least the protective cover on our patio furniture gone. But luckily that wasn't the case, phew. 

One of the trees in Greenwich Park wasn't quite so lucky and came crashing down, into the road which runs alongside the park, and taking, with it quite a bit of an easily eight foot brick wall with it. It meant a bit of a detour on my walk to work - crossing the road! - and of course that was entirely doable.

I shared a couple of pictures on Facebook and the evening shot really shows the extent of the damage to the wall - and the size of the hole - and has I think, a slightly eerie feel to it.  

The longer hours at work have continued this week, and that's impacted on our eating habits and not so much in a good way, but I have discovered a new favourite way of cooking our potatoes from the plot. That's in the oven with a mix of stock, vermouth and herbs, alongside some leeks and citrus flavours. Healthier than chips, but way more exciting than boiled potatoes. 

There was a impromptu pub visit Friday evening, and after a bit of a week, I was very grateful to the colleague who stuck her head around the door and suggested it. And it was very much needed. 

One of my Christmas presents was a kit to grow some white narcissi (think small daffodils), and at the start of the year I assembled the kit. The instructions say not to let the soil dry out, and I've been attentively spraying it with a fine mist when I remember.  It's paid off, as there's signs of life...



And with the weather outside resolutely stuck in winter - and throwing a combination of rain, sleet and snow - it was great to see.  I'd hoped to get out into the garden to see what was going on and take some pictures, but I'm afraid I wimped out. I've spotted some snowdrops alongside the patio, but a closer look will have to wait until the weekend now. 

I mentioned cabin-fever was likely to set in if we had another hibernative weekend (yes, I know that's not a word) and so Saturday morning we headed off into the village. Our original aim was to head out for dinner later that evening, but realising we might not want to venture out again once we saw the weather took the sensible precaution of buying a backup option, which of course we ate!

It's been productive though despite some procrastinating.

My tax return is done - a whole two days earlier than last year, which even I don't think meets my promise to start much earlier next time. But next time, I will, right?   I'm glad it's done, but it really is one of those tasks that prompt me to do almost anything else first...

And now that's done I can catch up with everything else; planning that visit to Wisley to see the butterflies, a weekend away - which MOH has found a lovely pub with rooms, with a spa ten minutes drive away and I'm sure much more besides. 

I've also realised what my new(est) wool reminds me of - a Turks turban pumpkin!  This weekend I've started to use it too, completing week 1 and being partway through the second pattern of the "square a week" crochet challenge I've joined. So far my squares are the muted green, and wouldn't you know it, one of them has a butterfly stitch (which is easier than I thought it would be).

No pictures yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. 

This week there's plenty more of the same I'm sure, and a blog night out on Thursday to see the Houzz of 2018 - I'm looking forward to seeing what they've got in store and what the design trends of this year are expected to be. 

What are you up to this week?