Love This #78: Mirrored furniture

It's funny the things you lust after isn't it? I mean, if I were to plan my dream bedroom I'm pretty certain it would include mirrored furniture.  There used to be a shop in the village which I think secretly knew of my dream bedroom design, and for many months - or it felt like many months anyway - had the most gorgeous window display of mirrored furniture.  And of course I found myself walking past it everyday, wanting to stop and admire it more than I should when I had a train to catch.

I'd visions of the lifestyle this furniture would bring, which if I'm honest with myself, no single piece or set of furniture could bring. In reality, of course, my life wouldn't be much different - there'd still be the day job to get to every day, too many pots and potions to make a dressing table have the minimalistic approach I have in mind, and of course mornings would still be a rush because, well, the bed is cosy, and you're much more likely to find me up in the small hours of the night, rather than the early hours of the morning.

But that's life, hey?

Photo credit: All images courtesy of Zurleys

Photo credit: All images courtesy of Zurleys

Mirrored furniture from Zurleys adding a touch of glamour don't you think?

That doesn't stop me daydreaming though, and when I browsed the Zurleys site, I knew which furniture range I'd be sharing.  The essentials in my dream bedroom would be bedside tables, a dressing table and a chest of drawers. Having become a bit of a self-appointed expert on mirrored furniture, I've realised like any furniture there's more than one style. 

So whether your style is sleek, modern lines or a more Art Deco feel, or like me taking the opportunity to fulfil my equally long held French-style shabby chic dreams, there's plenty to choose from. I'm already working on my sales pitch to MOH in my head...


Not that it'll be a big pitch, but I need to combat his questions and sometimes, as you know, because sometimes we all need to back up what is essentially "because I like it" with more hard fact evidence. There'll be the added light reasoning, they have mirrored surfaces and so I'd expect them to bring light into any space they're in, that's what mirrors do, right?

I'd have to counter the "what's wrong with the furniture we've got" and actually the answer right now is nothing, I love that too. But even I know suggesting we have backup bedroom furniture isn't going to be a winner, so it'll be a case of picking my time, as these aren't exactly items that could be snuck in and fall under the "this old thing" approach.

Of course an obvious plus is their sheer good looks, and the my killer argument drawers in the bedside tables!  For my clutter-loving-wannabe-minimalist-self, it'll be a winner.  I like my stuff and can artfully arrange it (in my eyes anyway), but MOH would rather it was all shoved, or rather carefully placed, into a drawer.  Now thinking about it, this furniture is a compromise, now that really is a winner!

What reasoning do you deploy, and more importantly what would you deploy those tactics for?  

* This is a collaborative post, but all views and opinions are my own.