Reflecting on my week #20

The shoots from the bulbs I shared last week have shot up, some are now easily three inches high, and it feels significant too, to me anyway.  Last week I too made progress, not by shooting up three inches, although perhaps figuratively speaking I did, who knows? My progress was partly attitudinal, and I managed to pile less pressure onto myself at work (phew!) as it was helping no one, especially me. And partly support from colleagues although they may not always have realised. I don't write about my work here, but let's just say I'm ready to face this week head on; I've no doubt it will be another busy week, and one with deadlines, but bring it on, and hopefully it'll be gentle with me!

What has also been great is how MOH has spoilt me by cooking pretty much all weekend. There's still been the usual questioning, you know the where is and how do I questions, but we've had some great food this weekend. Haggis, neeps and tatties on Friday, a day late as we were at the launch of the pop-up Houzz of 2018 Thursday evening - it was great. I fell in love with the bathroom, and I'll share more  tomorrow, but in the meantime if you get a chance to go before it closes on Wednesday, I recommend going. 

Saturday's dinner was a sausage and puy lentil salad, with red pepper, radicchio and rocket and the most amazing, what I'm calling "ham croutons" - clearly they're not ham ham, but Parma ham wrapped around cubes of sourdough bread and baked. The recipe called for pancetta, MOH contemplated buying cubes, which would have been impossible to make work(!), and while our local supermarket had the pancetta we needed, it was pricey and so the substitution was made. 

The ham croutons were so good, we made more to go alongside our lunch of baked Camembert and for our packed lunch of leftover lentil salad today.  

ham croutons a new discovery

They really were that good.

For the second Saturday running we walked into the village to collect a parcel, and exactly what it was was a mystery. The mystery was soon solved though as it was my second Papergang subscription box, this time for March. As its not even February yet, I'm only sharing a snippet of it here for now - there'll be more in March proper. 



But, it is February this week (I know, how?) so look out for a post showing the contents of February's box, which arrived shortly after Christmas - that's the crazy mixed up world of subscription boxes for you. 

While in the village we made another stop off at the fabulous French bakery leaving with half a sourdough loaf, mainly for the croutons but also to eat, because my breadmaking skills have lapsed lately. And it's a good loaf, it was pricey but oh so worth it.


This week has also been productive for other reasons. The treat weekend we were planning is booked, in a different location to where we initially thought, but one that works well and will be a relaxing end to the week, well for me anyway. There's a spa, and that's where I'm planning on heading while MOH does a forty mile cycle ride, I think my option wins!

We've dinner booked in the hotel, and as we've stayed there before, we know our room will have the hugest of beds, and that in itself feels like a treat. Last time we stayed there I managed to 'lose' my phone in the bed, which was fine until the alarm went off. No problem this time round, as the alarm won't be set.  

As well as the spa, and the other treats, the best of it is we'll be able to combine this with a visit to the butterflies in the glasshouse at Wisley. We went a couple of years back and it was great, so it'll be good to experience this again. My top tip if you're also visiting is colour; wear bright colours if you're keen, or OK with, the butterflies landing on you, or avoid it if you want them to give you a wide berth.

Talking of colour, I've finally got to a colour change on my crochet square a week challenge. Finally. I was beginning to think all of my squares would be green, and that somehow the wool was turning green as I crocheted.

It's not that I'm impatient (much!)  But look, three squares, three weeks, and yes I'm up-to-date. The colour change could have worked out better with the pattern (in the gold square, top left), but I decided when I started to accept the colour changes as they happened, and if I'm honest I was keen to carry on crocheting.

Left to right, top to bottom: Square 3, my wool and crochet hook, square 1 and square 2

Left to right, top to bottom: Square 3, my wool and crochet hook, square 1 and square 2

It looks like I'll be getting another colour change relatively soon though, doesn't it?  We'll see...