Post Comment Love 5-7 January 2018

Hello there and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first #PoCoLo of the year, it's great to see you and it's great to be back. I don't know about you, but I very much needed that Christmas break and took the opportunity to completely unplug myself, and it was great.  Of course that means I didn't achieve as much as I'd planned but it was worth it for the break.  

I'm used to feeling like I need to catch up anyway, it's becoming almost the norm, but that's for another day (and one soon, I hope!)

This week my photo is of the DIY Garland that came on my Papergang subscription box, one of my Christmas presents. It's on my noticeboard to wish me a Happy New Year, but true to form, not quite cut out and formed into a garland. Each of those shapes are to be cut out and part of the garland, and that's a lot of cutting out isn't it?



We've a lovely blogger in our Blogger Showcase this week, but before I share more - remember if you'd like to be featured in a future post then please get in touch with Morgan or I. We've a bit of a waiting list, but currently have free slots mid-March and we'd love to feature you.

Blogger Showcase: Emma from This is Em's World

Now having read Emma's responses I'm totally jealous as she's seen Strictly live in the studio, something I'd love to do and while I've tried for tickets have never got even as close as a sniff, maybe I will one day, who knows.  Either way though I'm pleased to know that real people do actually get the tickets. 

But there's more to Emma than just Strictly, I mean, she's chosen biscuits and cake - now we're talking!  But before I share all of her responses here I'd best give you the link to Morgan's blog so you can read them for yourself.

Before you go though, don't forget to check out Emma's social media channels and give her a follow or two:

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