Reflecting on my week #17

It was back to work last week and I've really been putting these trainers from Vionic to the test, and the gales have been testing me too. I only succumbed to the bus one evening and that was after a cold, windy walk through Greenwich Park that morning. I'd arrived at work with tears sneaking down my cheeks just from the temperatures. But thankfully it's not as cold here as it is in the States at the moment, the pictures on the news are amazing, but I wouldn't want to be there, would you?

I'll tell you more about these trainers in a separate post soon but I can tell you they're comfortable and I'm loving how they don't stand out like white trainers do when wearing with tights and a skirt.  The laces really are that bright, but I like them too!



My sales shopping post arrived during the week too, and I've been very restrained.  It wasn't a huge box, but was one of those small square ones and when it arrived MOH asked what it was.  Just some wool dear...

part of my wool delivery for future crochet projects

Not that he can mind, but I knew I'd prefer to open it on my own rather than have the questions that would no doubt be asked. You know the ones, and probably the ones none of us ask when the roles are reversed. As you'd expect there's plenty of bright colours, and the shimmery effect in the photos above and below is the project bag they arrived in from the supplier, a nice touch I thought.

the second part of the delivery

There's enough wool here I hope for two more projects. One of those is the Vintage Sweethearts Blanket by Cherry Heart which I'd already earmarked and have been saving the pattern which is serialised in Crochet Now.  The design inspired my current Granny Square blanket, although that is much less fancy, but as a first project that's what I need.

The other project is new and is another by Cherry Heart, but one she's not released the pattern for yet. It's another square based blanket, which I think will be 'my thing' crochet-wise, and while there's a lot of squares to make each of them are small and easily transportable, which suits me.  Then of course there's the Kalevala which started this whole crochet thing, and I want to make progress on at least one of those patchwork quilts too, so it's going to be a busy year. Although there's a chance that by the time I'm finished we'll either be nice and cosy and snug, or it'll be summer!  Who knows?!

After having a bit of a clear out over Christmas I decided it was time to "tidy" my craft supplies. Some of that is just reacquainting myself with what I have, and mostly it's about stacking more into my pigeon shelves, which are looking much fuller than when I shared them here a while back. 

And as you can see, I've already repurposed the felt welcome basket that I shared before Christmas.  It's currently empty (well almost) and I planned to store some of my new wool in there, but I think I've more than will fit.  But it's ok - I've another basket ready to spring into action, as I plan to reuse the one from my Christmas hamper too.

Reorganising all of this was my task - and reward - for leaving work on time. I almost wrote early there, but it was actually almost on time. Not leaving on time has become a bit of a habit and that's one I'm hoping to try and reverse, as much as I can, this year. It started well, but slipped a bit as the week went on, so it's just as well there was a weekend.

Like many of you we've been on the healthy eating trail and for us that's been to increase our vegetable intake. We're usually pretty good, but there's always room for more isn't there.

Our weekend has been quiet, MOH has been feeling under the weather - a combination of using public transport and germs in his office, I think - and on Friday evening I started to get a sore throat too, so unlike MOH I was straight to the chemist for some preventative action.  Once our chores of collecting parcels and topping up supplies, that was us done with the outside world for the weekend, and while there were indoor chores to do, including fighting with the Christmas tree to get that back into the wardrobe, we haven't ventured out again in the hope that we'll shift our snuffles.

I've had more blog parcels too, thankfully taken in my neighbour who works from home and is happy to receive them, often with very little notice. I've been styling our dining room table over the weekend to show off some fab stools from Cult Furniture, who have some great modern and contemporary furniture on their site, so look out for those soon.

The rest of this week is looking quiet, and that's good as it's the time of year for hibernating as much as possible isn't it?  Those Danes could be onto something with their Hygge...  I think I've got a book on that, perhaps if I continue to come home from work timely I'll dig it out, and even get the chance to read it.