Reflecting on my week #22

Hello there, I missed my weekly update post last week as life got in the way and then looking back nothing much seemed to happen, life's like that sometimes isn't it?  Looking back on last week, it was another mostly grey week, which ended on some warmer, sunnier days but that quickly went again.

But there was a glimmer of Spring about at the weekend, and it's these glimmers which help get us through the greyer days. It's getting noticeably lighter too, which helps and I've "celebrated" by managing to leave work almost on time at least a couple of times. Long may that continue...

It's easy to forget the little things and these posts are a way of capturing those. In the past week that's included MOH making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday having arrived home before me, so we had dessert sorted but no main course due to a lack of planning, but I've always got few dinners up my sleeve, or in this case, in the freezer so we were saved from an overdose of pancakes. 

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to pancakes. Lemon and sugar all the way. After we finished eating the pancakes MOH shared that you couldn't beat golden syrup. Amazing the things you find out about people isn't it?  He managed to eat them though, so it wasn't all bad. 

Shrove Tuesday was quickly followed by Valentine's Day, and despite having a conversation about if we were doing presents the previous weekend, MOH was shocked by the present thing. He did good though as later that day there was a bottle of pink gin (rhubarb) to go alongside the bottle of pink cider (spot any themes?) which had been presented earlier.  Dinner was an easy to cook sea bream dish, which made sense for a week night celebration, and was accompanied by a few glasses of fizz. We've saved the gin and cider are for another day.

There's been more wool arriving and a new haircut too, as well as my blog's fifth birthday.  I can hardly believe I've had this space for five years now.

Photo by  Ryan Johns  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ryan Johns on Unsplash

To celebrate I stepped away from my blog for the weekend, which may seem a strange celebration but I think my eyes were overtired and so taking a break and letting them relax was the sensible thing to do.  It's been good to catch up with my "square a week" crochet challenge - I've completed six squares now and am ready and waiting to see what the next square will bring when it's released tomorrow.

I've also been gearing up to start my next crochet project, as they're starting to pile up. It's perfectly acceptable I think to have three projects on the go... The one I've been planning on how and where to start is the Vintage Sweetheart blanket by Cherry Heart, which has been shared over the past eleven months in the Crochet Now magazine.

You'll not be surprised to learn I've changed the colours slightly. I wanted to use a cotton and ordered similar-ish colours, or ones I liked the look of, but they have different names. So I don't get too confused, I've used one of my new notebooks to plan my substitutions.  

planning to start my version of the Vintage Sweetheart blanket by Cherry Heart

All of the eleven sections have been published now, it's just the border left to be published in next month's magazine, and so I've also identified the colourways for each of the different squares. It might sound a laborious exercise (and it was a bit) but it was worth it as quite early on I discovered I'd omitted to order anything for the mauve colour.  

Looking at all the colours, it seems that my mauve should be on the vibrant end of the colour scale. From my masterplan I know where and how many squares have the missing mauve in - and it's more than I hoped for - so I'll be heading back to the wool shop to find a suitable replacement. At the moment I'm not sure if this will be an actual visit to a shop, where I won't get the same make but there's a chance I could leave with just the colour I need,  or another online shop which could be dangerous and result in another planned project. 

I've yet to crochet my first stitch, but even without the mauve (or my version of it) I'm all prepared. So this could be the week, I get all adventurous with my crochet...

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