Reflecting on my week #23

Last week I said I thought it might be an adventurous week for my crochet projects, and in a way it has been, but not quite how I expected. I didn't get to start my next crochet project as common sense kicked in and I thought I should check progress on the throw I'm currently working on. Over the last fortnight I've added a number of smaller squares to the pile, so I wanted to see how close I was to my square target. 

I'm still a little way off what I need, but it's really starting to take shape, what do you think? 

Not quite enough squares yet

I'm loving the colours together and the mixed and match-ness of it, and spent some time this weekend testing layouts. It's changed slightly from the photo above, I've added in another larger square, and completed the row with gaps in. The adventurous crochet part I mentioned earlier is starting to think about how it will look when it's finished.

Some of my smaller squares are smaller than others, and some of my earlier squares are well, a little wonky.  But as I only learnt to crochet in the autumn I'm happy to keep those as part of this project. It's been useful to learn how to crochet squares and test out various stitches and the squares I've added to the pile lately are the basic granny square. It seems I've reverted to basics as I want to move on to my next project.

But how to join my squares?

I've decided that they need a common edging, and I will use the white to edge each square, either with a row of single crochet or another granny round (or a mix of both for some) to give them some uniformity. The neutral wool has a speckle of sparkle in it too, and that's working well - I've already edged the twelve squares in the top right.

I'm taking a leaf out of Cherry Heart's assembly approach too, and will join squares of the blanket together to form sections, and then join those sections together. My plan is to join the squares with the granny square stitch and to use a combination of the wool I've used so far, rather than a single colour.  I'm hoping to start joining my first section together this week.

I've also a plan to add a border of squares and have been wool shopping again.  Some to top up supplies for this project and to source the missing mauve for my next project. With the mauve - or lilac - now sourced, I know I'll need to get cracking on this one so I can let myself start on the next one!

There has been more than crochet to my week though

A work do on Wednesday evening and a leaving lunch for my intern on Friday has meant it's been a social week at work, and it's a times like these that I'm reminded that my workplace is full of good people. I've even managed to sneak in a conversation about Shakatak, and educate some on their music.

We had a lack of internet here Saturday morning, which for me was a great excuse to play around with my crochet. It wasn't quite so welcomed by MOH though as he'd some work scheduled in, and didn't relish the dash to the office to make sure it could all go as planned. It complicated the day, but not so much that it affected our plans for the afternoon to join good friends celebrating their engagement up in town. A great celebration, and yes I've another loo to show you, and a late train home too armed with a burger from Five Guys.  It was great, even though MOH ended up with my burger with the jalapenos on...

Walking to work this week I'd spotted some daffodils peeking over a low height wall, but thought no more of it, other than it still feels early for daffodils. So imagine my shock and surprise when out in the garden on Sunday I spotted our very own daffodil amongst the dogwoods. 



There's plenty more to come it seems, so I hope the snow that's forecast doesn't put them off.  

As predicted there was some wind this weekend and I'll be sharing more about that this week, as well as some photos from our garden where the colour is starting to creep back, and I'm aiming to have another loo or two to look at too.  This week I've some time off on Wednesday and am heading up to the Business Design Centre in Islington to see what's going on in the gardening world, so I'm sure I'll have some things to share from that.

But the main thing this week, I think for all of us, will be to stay warm - and let's hope there really isn't too much of the white stuff on the way!