In my garden: February

I told you about the blue skies yesterday and today I'm showing you them. The buds on the pear tree almost look like lights waiting to glow, don't they?  While I let MOH have a go with our new leaf blower, I escaped and snapped a few pictures, and it's good to see the colour starting to reappear in the garden.

Blue skies and buds on my pear tree

As well as the start of some Spring yellows, there's plenty of pink. These hellebores are just about visible from the house, and they've spread over the years. There was a red dot visible from the house that I was keen to investigate, and when I got close I realised it was either a very late or very early flowering geranium.  Clearly trying to steal the show from these hellebores, but its time will come.

Cheery but shy hellebores on view from the house

At the very end of the garden, the camelia I bought back in 2015 has put on lots and is much bushier than it has been in previous years. There's also quite a few flower buds, so I'm hopeful there'll be a pop of white about as far away from the house as you can get. 

Buds on my newest camelia - I'm expecting some white flowers

As is becoming tradition, I could resist a photo in my favourite corner, the sleepers have dried out a lot since I was last here, but it's still not the weather to sit down and enjoy the view. To the left, was ironically an ice plant, nestled in among the lavender.  I'm hoping it's feeling right at home, but I'll be happy for it to be slightly less cold right now please!

from where I stand in my favourite corner
The ice plant nestled in amongst the french lavender

There was one discovery which you might have already seen, and that's my first daffodil, and there's plenty more to come. There was a suggestion on my Facebook page that I cut it and pop it in a vase before the snow comes. That did cross my mind, but I couldn't quite bring myself to cut it, although daffs in the house should be obligatory.  Once I start buying those bunches that haven't even thought about opening, they become kind of addictive and our dining table, and plenty of other surfaces, are rarely seen unadorned.

My first daffodil of the year nestled in among the dogwoods
The fatsia flowers are looking particularly sputnik like

As I headed back down the garden the fatsia caught my eye, the flowers looked particularly sputnik-like, and as I got close up (as I do) I spotted the picture I really wanted to get.  I can't decided if they're dancing in the sun, or if the leaf on the left is tickling them, either way I love this photo!

while some appear to be dancing in the sunlight

But then again I love the fatsia and am a total convert. Every garden I have from now on will most definitely be having its own fatsia. 

I'm also hoping for some slightly warmer weather, as well as the obvious reasons, I also want to get started sowing some seeds, and I'm hoping that I won't need to head out into a snow-filled garden to clear snow off of the greenhouse roof, which has to be my least favourite gardening job!