Celebrating two years of the Loo Series

Now isn't this an odd thing. No, not my obsession with a good loo - surely you're used to that by now, but I've randomly been sharing those good loos here for two years. I know, hasn't it gone quickly.

The odd thing is that my first post almost two years ago to the day, was of the loos at the new Flat Iron in Covent Garden and without any planning at all, two years on I'm sharing the loos at the Flat Iron in Denmark Street.

I'd love to say that was planned, but it wasn't. It's clear though that Flat Iron do have some very good loos!  Although when I saw this sign in the Denmark Street restaurant I wasn't quite sure what I'd find...

unisex loos at Flat Iron in Denmark Street
Black and white artwork in the loos

It wasn't anywhere near as bad as my expectations, but I did opt for the door with the ladies loo sign on, just in case.  It was the wall art though that really made this small loo, it's pretty unique isn't it?

Interesting wall art at the Flat iron restaurant

It was only afterwards that I realised the centre cow (bull?) had a bell, and I can't help but wonder if anyone ever rings it, and why!

In fact at the time I was much more amused by the choice of handwash.

Obviously this is the perfect hand wash for these loos

What else?! 

I'll finish this post with a picture from the restaurant, mainly to prove that I do take other pictures in restaurants, and because it really is a rather gorgeous light.

Just to prove I'm not just all about the loos

The food too was good, but I must remember to order a medium rare steak for this cut of meat, MOH's tasted so much better than my rare one. But that could always be because it was on his plate...