Reflecting on my week #25

Well, hello there - it's been a bit quiet over here for the past week and that's because last week was the culmination of a busy few weeks at work. Life is starting to return to normal, although slowly as it's Tuesday morning and I'm only just writing this post. I've lots to catch up on - nothing exciting but the household chores and jobs that can be temporarily delayed, although it's worrying at how quickly they amass.  It's like they somehow know they've caught you at a weak point and tell their mates and so it all kind of snowballs.

Yes oven light, I'm looking at you. For the past fortnight the oven has been cooking in the dark, the new bulb is now ordered and hopefully will be here soon.  Of course, it wasn't easy to get out of the oven and there's no obvious markings of the model type on the front of the oven, so the instruction booklet needed to be found.  Luckily my compartmentalised brain had a rough idea of where they were - sadly my actual filing system is nowhere near as organised as my brain! 

MOH has been busy at work too and working at least one day of the weekends, so it's easy to see how things other than the bare minimum have been put to one side.  We've been a great team though and he's cooked much more than normal, and on weeknights too, than normal, and after a particularly long day he's been there to open a bottle of wine too (and vice versa!)

To join the oven light, one of our candle bulbs also expired. Slightly easier to remove but not so to replace it seems as these new style lights don't always work with dimmer switches.  Add to that the washing that seems to multiply and running low on basic provisions it was time for a serious "house" weekend.  And by basic provisions, I mean loo paper and wine, two things we absolutely didn't want to run out of!  

One thing that's been constant is crochet, and that's been a great way to find some me time. This weekend though, as I was catching up with my square a week challenge, I decided it was time to start prepping the squares which I'd already completed. 

The patterns say they should be approximately nine inch square, mine weren't, and so some blocking was on the cards. I'd researched (don't tell me you're surprised by that!) how and had bought a foam mat and some pins for the job.  I'd also seen wooden skewers used and as I had a few squares, thought I'd take this approach.

The result looks as if I'm torturing my crochet: 

blocking my square a week crochet squares

But already it seems to be working and as soon as I skewered the squares in place I knew it was worth doing as the pattern in each square was much easier to see.  The more squares I added the more the sticks were pulled into a triangle shape, so I used the pins for added staying power.

They've been like this since the weekend, and now I'm not sure how long to keep them on the rack.  I've already got another three to be blocked, but think I should taken these off before I start them, as adding more is likely to stretch the skewers further, and would look like a reenactment of the Princess and the Pea!

A side on view of the squares being blocked

But that wasn't all for the crochet, MOH in a bit more of a cleaning frenzy than normal called up the stairs to say my knitting (it's crochet!) was a bit caught up in the vacuum...

Oops - the Dyson ate the crochet

It fell off the sofa apparently, and was just a bit caught up. Pulling wasn't working, and no doubt he'd tried that before he called me, and so the whole head was taken apart and the wool retrieved, thankfully in one piece and looking none the worse for its experience.

Here's hoping this week is a bit calmer, I'm sure my crochet also has the same sentiments!