Two loos at Max Gate

It's been a little while since I've shared a loo, or two here, so that's just what I've got planned for today. And just like buses, there's two - both from the same National Trust property, Max Gate.  I shared pictures from the garden there last month, but our visit - well mine anyway - actually started in the loo, and it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

To set the scene, Max Gate is, or was, Thomas Hardy's house and had had tenants until relatively recently. So when I found myself in the loo, I was surprised to find myself in a normal bathroom, and one with a bath.  

Not many come with a bath, do they?

It really was quite odd. Mainly because the bath felt out of place, and I couldn't help wonder if any visitors to the property took advantage of the bath, even now remembering I'm having a little giggle.  

I think the picture below - and my face - sum up my bemusement.  

A flowery public convenience

The bathroom was functional and clean, and well, just a little domestic, and if you're wondering full of flowery charm, and thankfully no one in the bath!  In fact I was so set back my the bathroom that I insisted MOH visited before we headed out into the garden.  Humouring me he did, and he left just as bemused - see, my work here (or rather, there) was done...

But it wasn't the only loo in the house, and I did promise you two.

Upstairs it was an entirely different story, and a loo, you're more accustomed to seeing here.  I mean, just look at that wallpaper. 

Upstairs the loo was completely different

I'd happily have the wallpaper on the top half of the wall today, I'm less keen on the border and striped lower half, but it just screams tradition doesn't it? 

And traditional also means a high level cistern.  

Much more traditional and with fantastic wallpaper

And a chance to admire that gorgeous wallpaper again. 

So there you have it, two more loos, and another first for the Loo Series as I'm pretty sure this must be the first to include a bath. I'm curious now though, have you experienced anything similar?