Post Comment Love 23 - 25 March

Hello there and welcome back to Post Comment Love, it's Friday again and that means another day off for me this week - I know it's becoming a bit of a habit!  If you were here last week, it was great to see you and if you're new here this week it's great to have you along.

I don't know about you but I'm so over winter, so I'm hoping that the milder forecasts - and the start of spring - are correct. I could do with some more warmth, after the very brief taste we've had of it. And I'm hoping that it's not followed by the same as last week. 

I'm also over socks. And boots. I'm living in trainers, boots and such like all of which require socks. My socks it seems like to rumple down towards my toes and I forever seem to be hoicking them up - even more than tights, which really is peculiar.  I thought perhaps my socks were exhausted, so bought some new ones, but these seem even worse than the old ones. 

So I'm ready to ditch the socks as soon as I can. It seems the only way to save my sanity. That or stapling my socks to my legs, which I don't think is going to be a sensible solution. But enough about socks.

My photo this week is from our visit to Hestercombe Gardens last Friday. It was taken in the spring-like part of the day, before the hail arrived. Aren't the textures great?  Wood, stone and iron all in one shot - and a bit of rust for good measure too.

Much better than socks.

Wood brick and iron at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset

Bloggers Showcase: Sarah from Life in a Break Down and UK Bloggers

Sarah runs one of the best bloggers groups, and I'm sure many people including many of its members don't know what's involved in keeping the group running smoothly.  It's one of the groups I joined fairly early on and so it's nice to feature Sarah in this spot this week.  Morgan is hosting Sarah's full responses, so do pop over there and have a read.

But before you go, here's a taster... 

Sarah's first real experience, and what it could become, took place on Live Journal and you'll know things have progressed somewhat when Sarah says last year she took the decision to try and make blogging her full time income, and so far so good.

Sarah admits she finds it hard to stay on one subject on her blog - which is music to my ears as I "suffer" from that too, as you've probably noticed.

Before you head over to Morgan's to find out more, do give Sarah and/or UK Bloggers a follow on Twitter, or Life in a Break Down on Facebook.  And if you're a blogger based in the UK then take a look at the UK Bloggers Facebook group too.

If you'd like to feature in a future Blogger Showcase, then please get in touch with Morgan or I.

*** PoCoLo is taking a break next week for Easter, but we'll be back again and raring to go 6 April ***