Reflecting on my week #27

It was back to work last week and back to a pile of emails, most of which sadly needed action other than deleting, but the weather has felt more Spring-like hasn't it?  And even better, it was another shorter week for me as we set off for Norfolk after work on Thursday.

The daffodils in the grounds of the National Maritime Museum, which had been flattened by the recent snow, seem to have sprung back cheerily to life.  That in itself is a great life lesson, and I wish I could be as confident that the cold weather is behind us. 

We were in Norfolk to celebrate my parents' sixtieth wedding anniversary, which is something quite amazing. The card from the Queen, which I'd been tasked to sort out, arrived on time and without fuss, which was a relief for me and much appreciated by mum and dad.

There was a meal with friends and family which also involved meeting the youngest niece's boyfriend, I think he left realising we're all bonkers and so got a true to life dose of my family, which is all you can ask for isn't it?

sixtieth wedding anniversary

I know I woke on Sunday desperately missing that extra hour, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one, although it has been great to see the lighter evenings again.  As I'm writing this post I've realised that that means being able to walk home through Greenwich Park, so it really is quite a treat now I think of it.

The other thing that's caught me out with the clock change is my stubborn microwave clock.  I'd seen those memes on Facebook at the weekend, you know the ones that said the car clock was too tricky and it'd be right again in six months... Well, my microwave is getting close to having its power pulled out as I'm sure that will be easiest way to resolve this.  I'm sure I'm pressing the right buttons, but it seems maybe not necessarily in the way the microwave wants.  

I can't last for six months with it wrong either as it's right above the much easier to change oven.

The microwave clock has so far defeated me

Thinking about walking I need some new shoes.  Yes, really need some.  My right foot has been playing up for a while and so I've laid off the heels for everyday use pretty much since the start of the year and it hasn't really improved. To be clear I don't walk to and from work in heels, my trainers, boots and flat shoes are the thing for that.  And as well as new shoes, of a mid-heel more sensible height (you don't know how painful that was to type - I'm not a fan of shoes that aren't heels, their proportion looks all wrong to me), I think a visit to the doctor could also be in order.

Looking ahead to this week I'm off to the Ideal Home Show on Tuesday afternoon, and this time I really will take the afternoon off work and make it happen.  I'm a big fan of the Ideal Home, and this time I'm going thanks to Furnish Your Home, so look out for some home inspiration over the next few days.

And maybe I'll find the right button combination for my microwave too. At some point.