Reflecting on my week #24

Well that was quite a week of weather wasn't it?  But before we get onto that I've got a new book, and it's one I'm keen to get my nose into. While digging can be therapeutic, especially on the plot, when you're doing it over and over again and don't appear to be making any progress, it can get demoralising. 

Last year we saw a throwback episode of Gardeners World where Monty showed how ahead of his time Geoff Hamilton was, and we were both intrigued. We decided to have a bit of a go on the plot, but it wasn't as successful as we hoped. The weeds came back, and I suspect they're just waiting to spring back into action again. So when I saw this book pop up in my feed I thought it was well worth a shot and well, reading up on this approach will satisfy my inner geek need to know everything about everything, and then I can put the theory into practice.

A new book which sounds right up my street

I suspect that what let us down before was not putting a barrier down, although in theory we shouldn't have needed too. But again in theory, our plot should be so full of weeds either, but it is. I need to read the book though - in fact, I need to find some time to read the book.  

I'm already collecting cardboard, but that's in preparation for the conservatory work starting in April to protect our wooden floors and stairs from builder's boots.  I've a feeling that collecting cardboard might become a bit of an obsession this year!  

But it's too cold to dig now isn't it?  Or even no dig.  I should have got my broad beans in by now, I know - but I'm not sure if I was a broad bean, or any other kind of seed, I'd be tempted to do anything like germinate. 

The snow that was forecast, and the snow I was hoping wouldn't arrive, did arrive and pretty much the whole week was dominated by the weather. My day job is in comms so it also took up a fair bit of time to keep everyone updated, and you'll not be surprised to know that I have just as much to do as I do at home, and there's always something to keep me occupied.

On Tuesday - which was the first day of the snow here - I was, as usual, running later than I wanted to be. Luckily the powdery snow was better to walk on that the slippy, slidey stuff later that day, but boy did my legs feel it for the rest of the week. I don't expect I'll learn my lesson about leaving it until the last minute, but it's weeks like last week that I wished I would.

A tree in the snow in Greenwich Park

In my haste I didn't get to stop and take any pictures, but I did the next morning. The picture above is in Greenwich Park looking up towards the Observatory.  It's a view I see most days, but one that looks completely different in the snow.  I think this snow was different to normal too, the trees in our garden reminded me of the pretty, snow laden trees I saw in Germany last year.

It was nice to see close to home, but thank you, we've done that now, so that's enough!  Thankfully once the snow was done it disappeared pretty quickly and there was none of that slushy stuff that hangs around for ages to deal with.  Today has been balmy by comparison, and it was almost as if March had remembered the type of weather it should be bringing, let's hope it carries on remembering.

It was good to leave work a bit earlier on Friday, and I used the time wisely stopping off at the shops on the way home to ensure that I didn't actually need to go out for the weekend, and I was quite happy not to.  MOH on the other hand was itching to get out by Sunday with quite a severe case of cabin fever, so off he went on his bike, while I settled in with my Spring colours crochet blanket.

Progress on my Spring crochet blanket

I've made good progress since I last shared a picture and I'm starting to connect sections of the blanket to each other. It's grown too as each square has a neutral edging row added to it before the granny stitch joining row.  As you can see I decided to join the squares using the scrap, multi-coloured approach and I think it'll look great.

I'm keen to get these edged and joined before I need to move them off the spare bed. I know I could photograph them for positioning but leaving them in place seems much easier - and it's a good place to escape to as well.  A couple of times this weekend MOH poked his head around the door checking I was still alive and providing drinks ranging from cups of tea to gin and tonics - he's very well trained, and very good to me.

I've also managed to book our next trip away, we're heading to Devon to see family later this month. This time we're heading there via Bridgwater, which is a bit of a detour, but it means I can sneak in a visit to the Walled Gardens of Cannington and to Hestercombe Gardens. I've not been to the former before, but it looks great - and has a tea room - so I'm looking forward to that. I have been to Hestercombe before, we stopped there on a previous trip, but arrived later than we hoped so didn't make it past the Stables cafe. There's a theme developing here isn't there?!

I'm also trying to wangle a visit to RHS Rosemoor while we're in Devon. Although it's about an hour and twenty minutes from where we'll be, it'll be much closer from there than from home [insert pleading face]

I've another relatively quiet week ahead, but I am hoping to get along to a work movie night supporting International Women's Day, and get some more of that croche joined together - what are you up to this week?