Behind the architrave

The date for the start of our conservatory work is hurtling towards us and as you'd expect, while I have a plan, there's still much to do.  We'd hoped to make a start on moving the furniture out of the conservatory this weekend but that didn't quite happen, for good reasons.

As part of the preparations the builders popped in last week to measure the size of our new exterior bifold doors, the new window and the interior bifold doors. The first two were easy as they were clearly visible, the internal doors less so. He wasn't sure what was behind the architrave and we had no idea either, so another time was made and this time the chippie came along too.

Quite quickly the architrave, with its years of paint was off, revealing a two inch gap all the way around the frame. 

The architrave's off and the glass splashback unharmed

It's not pretty is it?

But it was worth it to make sure the right size doors were ordered. 

No architrave but a bit of a gap

It led to some interesting discoveries though.  

The nails must be pretty big

I mean who knew nails could be that long?!

And we found the newspaper, that well known builders aid.  As the builders said "there's always newspaper" and I'm sure we'll find more along the way. I was curious to find out more about the newspaper though.

Newspaper packing out the architrave

In the end it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. As you can see it's from August 1991 and is from the local free newspaper, the News Shopper.  The piece that we've already pulled down did make me smile though as a couple won a jukebox from Capital Gold - does that station still exist?

A Newsshoppper (local paper) from 1991

And just look at the phone number in the dangerous dog line article - 081 - who else had forgotten about those?

The final discovery was a good one. The step that we're hoping to have lowered, looks as if it can be lowered fairly easily as it's sat on a row of bricks. 

A row of bricks make up the step that's coming down

We've a week to get ready and then it all starts. There's much more to do though, the least of which is eating the freezer which I expected to be writing about in this update, but haven't.  I'll save that for another day, when hopefully there's been more progress!