Reflecting on my week #30

It’s been quite a week, and the headline news is we’ve ordered new sofas - quicker than even I expected, but it’s amazing what the last day of a sale can do for my motivation.  Especially when coupled with a less than comfortable place to sit.

As you know the samples arrived and I was pretty much set on the sofa I wanted, the only thing was I didn’t like the grey of the sample. Mainly because for me it wasn’t grey, but more of a neutral light brown. I could see some grey in it, but it wasn’t what I called grey. Usually at this point my modus operandi would be to figuratively bury my head in the sand, and do nothing. But this time the two seater sofa wasn’t allowing that.

And so, I decided to order more samples.  

Just as well I did as that’s when I spotted that it was the last day of Habitat’s sale, and our plans to start clearing the conservatory were shelved for a trip into town on the quest for sofas. It’s just as well we did, as not only did I not like the sample of my first choice sofa, when we tracked it down I wasn’t that keen on the sofa either, and nor was MOH.  

It was about 20cm deeper than our current one, and quite honestly as neither of us are the tallest, it just didn’t work for our frames, and the one in the store looked more “relaxed” than we wanted. Argh, and I thought we were sorted...

We had a slower look around, this time looking at sofas that might work for us, rather than just seeking out the one we’d seen online. Some were rejected for their squishiness, their height from the ground, the height of their arms, bolster cushions, loose cushions - you get the picture.

But then we found one, and serious talks started, but we weren’t sure - and weren’t helped by the salesman and his herringbone suggestion. We decided to try one last sofa, reverting to leather, and as soon as we sat down it was comfortable. It also worked with our dimensions, arm and cushion requirements and was also available in a choice of fabrics which most importantly, had greys that were grey!

The yellow, and yellow and grey, and grey and grey conversation took place and the salesman was still pushing herringbone, and not really taking the hint. But they are ordered, and now we have the 8-10 week wait, which is fine, as there could be a bit of dust around soon.  We went for the grey and grey, and also achieved another ten percent off, so it was worth the trip to look for ourselves - we also discovered the reason for herringbone keenness - those sofas only have a two week lead time, which is definitely not what we want.



That wasn’t my only purchase though, I’d stopped in at the Apple store as my iPad was, quite honestly, on its last legs and with more and more apps not supporting its iOS version, it was time to trade it in.  I left with a newer, rose gold model which is lighter and means I can use the apps I need.

To celebrate our purchases, and with MOH muttering something about it taking five years to get new sofas (he’s right), we had a late lunch at Cabana - a new restaurant to us, but selling Rio street food and rather nice Caipirinhas.  It was a great looking place, the food was good and I had high hopes for the loos - and I wasn’t disappointed, so look out for those later in the week, as a taster here’s a shot of the restaurant: 



I’ve decided that I need to start being more active now that my winter hibernation is ending, and have started a daily box press-up routine, in readiness for digging and lifting plant pots, as well as summer tops and dresses. I’ve impressed myself so far, and this morning clocked up 30, which is double the amount when I started a week ago. If the app is to be believed, by the end of the thirty days I’ll be up to nearly ninety.  I’ve never done - or been close to doing - nearly ninety press ups, so it’ll be interesting (and no this app wasn’t one of the reasons for my iPad purchase, but my blogging ones were!)

There’s been a new addition to the kitchen too, as part of MOH’s celebratory milestone at his company he could choose a gift, one of those was the iconic Alessi juicer which we’d toyed as for a wedding anniversary gift to ourselves a year or so ago. 

Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?



The week ahead will hopefully see me making headway on our Conservatory list, so we’re ready (or readier) for the work to start - I’m hoping the lighter evenings will help with that, and I’m looking forward to a ‘pool party’ on Wednesday at John Lewis, so I’ll be off into town again. It’s looking as if we’ll have the weather for it, but I’ve been reassured that it’s inside and swimmers aren’t required (phew!)