A woodland guest room

Like Toblerone and Dairylea, things that come in triangles are often pretty good, and this woodland guest room at this year's Ideal Home Show, designed by Black Parrots Studio is definitely up there with those two other triangular goodies.  

It's been designed as a flexible space transitioning from office to bedroom and "capturing the spirit of an off-the-grid garden retreat in the Scandinavian forest."

Like toblerone this triangle shaped woodland guest room was a hit

For a small space it was full of colour, textures and pattern - most notably that wallpaper, which I warmed too.  Although paired with the orange I did briefly think I might have been back in the 1970s, but the whole effect felt more modern than vintage.

Natural chairs in the garden pod at the Ideal Home Show

As you've probably spotted there's a bit of a jungle theme going on which aims to bring the outside in.  I think the space works, because although there's a lot in here, the restricted colour palette gives it a stylish, rather than cluttered finish.  Although if you do look at the wallpaper from a certain angle, it does have the look of OSB about it. 

Modern lights and pops of orange

As you can see it was busy outside, but inside because there was just a small viewing space I had the place almost to myself.

The woodland guest room at the Ideal Home Show

What I particularly liked was the geometric brass tables with their grouping of pots and plants.  It's simple, but striking and effective isn't it?  And even better it's something that would be easy to replicate.

Dark and sultry works just as well alongside the woodland theme

What do you think, would you have a garden pod and decorate it in a similar style, or would you it be something entirely different?