Reflecting on my week #28

How's your week been? I hope you've had a lovely Easter. Mine brought family visits, chocolate eggs, the first daffodils in the house, a cold and these pretty cakes. Gorgeous aren't they?

Pretty fairy cakes

I picked them up during a trip to Fortnum and Mason with my parents on Saturday. We had a leisurely day and made our way into town, I did some shopping in John Lewis before we headed down Regents Street, stopping off for refreshments along the way before arriving at Fortnums, then Cath Kidstone and the Nespresso boutique (shop!)

At Christmas MOH and I buy mince pies in Fortnums (they are pricey but very good) so I had high hopes for these cakes not quite so pricey cakes. Underneath the icing are super light sponge cakes, but it's the most detailed and Spring-like icing that means we could well be adding another season to our specialty cakes!

The run up to the weekend saw a frenzy of domestic activity with tidying and shopping galore taking place. Meals were planned, but still with enough flexibility to choose and change if we wanted, washing was done and beds were made.  And once again surfaces were clear.

Somewhere in all of that I even found time to do some ironing, well not quite the ironing you expect but ironing nonetheless. Finally I've pulled out my scrappy quilt again, which I'd put aside during the cutting out as it was harder than I anticipated. Harder because some of the material I'm using is from old clothes, and therefore not square so takes more time to cut and harder because some of the material was crumpled up.

But no more!

I'm not a big ironing fan, but I knew I wouldn't make any progress until the material was ironed and as I also needed to sew some buttons onto our duvet cover - two came off in the dryer when the button middles disintegrated, it seemed the perfect opportunity.  I decided that I couldn't sew buttons onto a creased duvet cover, so out came the iron.

A pile of now ironed fabric

When I get started I find ironing quite calming, it's just getting started that's the problem! In the end I also ironed the strips I'd already cut, and formed my own fabric roll. Looking at it here, it seems my quilt will have a fair bit of blue and pink, but there's plenty more colours too, I just need to cut them. 

The cut strips are now ironed too

I had to concede defeat on progress for my Spring crochet blanket, and had to move them off the spare bed, but not first without taking photographs of each section so I don't have to worry - or workout - the layout again.  

There was roast lamb with all the trimmings for Sunday lunch and while it was later than I'd planned and my Yorkshire puds stuck to the tin, it was very tasty and I found myself thinking we should have roasts more often. Maybe then I'd perfect the times, but this week I'm putting the laissaiz faire approach to the cold I woke up with Sunday morning, which seemed to appear out of the blue.  

You'll remember I thought a cold was inevitable much earlier in the year when MOH uncharacteristically took time off work with a cold.  But no, it waited until April before making its appearance. I'm hoping it will go just as quickly as it arrived, but to make sure I'm dosing myself up and giving it all the help it needs!

I did get to the Ideal Home Show on Tuesday and it was great, full of inspiration as I expected. The houses and room sets were fantastic, I saw some great items, found some space to sit and watch the world go by, visited the houses which seemed to have the lowest queue I could remember, and of course I took plenty of photos. 

With everything going on, and more life besides, I've still to share what I saw but be prepared to be inspired. It seems brightly coloured arm chairs and mixed metallics are in, and there were also plenty of Pom Pom edged items too.  

The only thing that disappointed me about the Ideal Home show this year was the lack of garden "room sets", they had quickly become one of my favourite parts of the show. Ironic really as I've yet to get started in my own garden this year. It's a later start than usual partly down to the weather, but this year I'm considering buying some seedlings for the allotment. I know I'll miss the joy of seeing the seedlings sprout, but I'll have them at the right size at the right stage for those I've missed.  

I'm hoping that I'll still get to sow some of my own seeds, for those which are due to be planted now and herbs, this year I want to grow plenty of herbs - I've been using fresh herbs much more in cooking and they really do bring another flavour dimension to dishes.  

I've also some exciting garden-related news and will have plenty of new gardens to show you later in the year as I've learnt that I've been accredited for the Chelsea Flower Show by the RHS Press Office - yay!  I'm already excited for it to arrive!  


PS: The microwave clock has been mastered. I stumbled upon the instructions and was pressing too many buttons, but I'm saved and no longer have to have an hour's time difference between the oven and the microwave (well, for six months at least!)

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