Prepping for the work in the conservatory

Hasn't it been a lovely weekend?  I've spent much of it indoors though, and walking up and down stairs carrying stuff to its temporary new home. The carrying has been ok, although it's been a bit wearing in this weather, it's the lifting which has been harder work.  Working out the logistics was actually part of the fun, a weird kind of fun I'll admit.

I was home alone Saturday as MOH needed to work, he opted to go into the office which was a good thing as my plan was to start moving stuff in readiness for the work starting in our conservatory on Tuesday.  We're having bifold doors added at both ends of our conservatory, that's internal and external doors, some repair work on the roof and a new window. Plus it's going to be decorated throughout and the floor will be sanded.

So that's meant clearing it as much as possible. There was a limit to how much I could do on my own though, and it meant much toing and froing and up and down the stairs.

Our first job today - after watching the London marathon go past our front door - was to move the table well out of harm's way, and into the window.  A table cloth was quickly thrown over the table to prevent the glare from the sun blinding us. I'm sure it won't need protecting (from our builders) but it's doing a bit of that too.

After the table was moved, next up was the dresser.  

It's heavy.  Very.

So there was more toing and froing with the content of the top half safely deposited on the table. The contents from the bottom half was dotted around the kitchen, and at this point MOH suggested a baking tray rationalisation because, he said, I can't possibly need all those different shaped tins. 


just part of the dresser's content

With the dresser emptied, we lifted the top half off and into the living room before moving the larger base unit with the help of some old carpet. It was too heavy to lift, but much easier to push, so that's what we did. Including up and over the step.

The it was time to reassemble it. But that was a step too far for me, and so we admitted defeat and will get the builders to help us on Tuesday when they arrive.

A dresser in two halves

And thankfully all the stuff, from both the top and the bottom is either in the bottom half, or upstairs in the spare bedroom.  There's still a few bits to move, some masking tape to buy (to tape cardboard to the floor to protect it) but mostly we're done. 

And mostly I ache!  

But we will have a super new look conservatory in about a month's time, I hope.  And the dresser back in its rightful place. But I'm not thinking about the emptying and reloading yet!