Reflecting on my week #31

How is it Monday again?  And Monday evening at that.  After a weekend of moving and carrying, it’s true I was glad of a rest at my desk! But it’s been a good week, for starters there was the much improved weather, and while I might have been struggling with the intenseness of the heat, and its sudden appearance, I’m very pleased it arrived. 

I don’t feel the cold much (thanks overactive thyroid) but I did feel the heat. We still had our winter duvet on the bed, and I’d not swapped out of my fluffy slippers, but yet here I was in sandals and summer dresses with my pasty white legs. My thinking was that most people were in the same situation and there was no way tights were going to work for me. 

There was a fortuitously arranged night out with some girlfriends from work, where we sat on the banks of the Thames on a balmy evening, which really could have been abroad. I t was a much needed evening, I think for many of us, and I discovered gin and tonics with slivers of ginger are a good thing, a very good thing. Who knew?

There was a pool party at John Lewis the night before - and it was really very clever. If you saw my instagram then the “pool” wasn’t quite what it seemed, I’ve more to share later in the week on that.  There was also a catch-up with some former colleagues to remember a dear friend, (six years - how?) and as quite often happens a late night too. 

Ever conscious of our “eat the freezer” challenge we skipped the take away on the way home for the best ever tasting cheese topped crumpets.  MOH was less keen, but it was this or garlic bread, or raspberries (yes, random I know) and so I think we made the right choice.

Remember my advent boxes?

Well, I’ve still not managed to throw them away, but I knew I’d find a good use for them, and this weekend I did.  I’m going to use them in the greenhouse for planting seeds.  And I’m going to have the most festive looking seedlings going - and d’know what, I really don’t care!

Remember those advent calendar boxes?

In between the sorting, carrying and shifting I decided in my wisdom that I'd also dye some bedding. I'd bought the "smoky grey" dye a while back. It was the sort with the tiniest print instructions.  Surely a sign I'm getting old. Having managed to read them I thought I'd almost follow them. But 600g of fabric isn't much at all, it's actually four pillowcases if you're interested. And a king-sized duvet is a fair bit more. 

I'd originally planned to add in another four pillowcases, a sheet and a t shirt or two, but began to have second thoughts. With my sensible head on, I left just the duvet and four of the pillowcases in the machine and started on the multi-wash approach to dyeing. 

I quite like the contrast polyester trim

They turned out pretty well, but strangely different colours. The duvet cover is a lighter grey than the pillowcases, which I wasn't quite expecting, but both now have a new lease of life as apart from being faded in the case of the duvet colour and not-so-white-as-they-once-were pillowcases and both too good to throw away, or even cut up for quilts.  MOH thinks I'm mad, but I really don't see the point of throwing things out when they can be as good as they once were. 

And with my lacklustre and often haphazard approach to getting all the washing done, I think it's going to be a blessing to have an extra spare set for when I've somehow only managed to wash part of a set - I don't know how either, but trust me, it happens.

It seems though I've a bit of a thing for bedding right now...