Spring bedding, of the bedlinen sort

Yes I'm talking about bedding again, it seems it was the weekend for both refreshing an existing set and trying out a brand new one too.  Handy really as the one I dyed has now been earmarked for another bedroom, so the new set's arrival was well timed, and while I need to start thinking about bedding of the garden type, for now I'm happy to share these.  It's lovely and Spring-like don't you think?

teal bedding that tones very well with the headboard and existing contrasting bedlinen
I think you'll be surprised about where they're from.  I know I was pleasantly surprised when browsing the website when choosing and I'll admit their products challenged my memories and preconceptions of this shop. It's a retailer that's well known for its thermals, and when they got in touch to discuss working together, given my over active thyroid I was hoping it wasn't for the thermals.

No doubt by now you've worked out this pretty bedding is just one of the bedding sets available from Damart.
Jardin duvet set by Damart

It's the Jardin set, in teal and I love its fresh look and how it tones with our existing decor, the headboard and coloured sheets and pillowcases.  I don't know if you were surprised as I was, but I know that this has made me realise that it's well worth keeping an open mind.

And it's not just their bedding that turned my head, there's some great looking dresses on the site too.  As I said before Damart are well known for their thermals, but with my overactive thyroid thermals are the last thing I need, whereas MOH is the 'icebox' - funny how often, couples can be at different ends of the body warmth scale isn't it?

But enough musing, back to the duvet set. I think it goes pretty well with my caravan quilt too.  I don't sign up to the school of thought that everything has to match, it's nice to have something that isn't quite what's expected, but nothing too wacky or out there. Like many things it's a balance and what you're comfortable with, isn't it?

A new jardin duvet set teamed with my caravan quilt
Take a longer look at the Jardin duvet set from Damart
Atlantique tab from Damart

There's nothing better than new bedding, well... apart from freshly ironed new bedding!  It's starting to be a bit of a habit as once again I found myself wielding the iron. That's twice in a month, but don't worry it's not one I'm hoping to keep up!