Reflecting on my week #32

It’s been a relatively quiet week here, and that’s been much needed after last weekend’s to-ing and fro-ing and shifting and lifting getting ready for the work in the conservatory, which as it happened didn’t actually happen. Our builder got in touch last Monday as the carpenter due to start with us had had a sports injury over the weekend and was off work.  It’s the kind of thing you can’t plan for isn’t it, and of course had I known I’d have had some time in the sun instead. 

Ah well. We didn’t know, and nor did we know the weather would disappear either, but I’m not giving up hope of the better, and warmer, weather returning later this week.  We’re due to receive an update from the builder later today, so hopefully we’ll have tradesmen at work here at some point this week, and their stuttering start won’t mean too much of a delay, and overrun at the other end of our ‘building window’.

What was nice about this weekend was that it was the first time in a while that I've picked my crochet up, and I think I've finished adding the white sparkly edging to all of the squares in the main section of my Spring blanket, so I can start joining the squares and will have to dig out the photos I took to help me. Adding an extra round of granny square stitch (not it's proper name, I'm sure) and joining using the same stitch has made the blanket larger than it was, but I'm still not sure if it will be big enough.  There's only one way to find out isn't there?

It's amazing how quickly we adapt to changes isn't it? One of the things that we’re getting quite used to is our strange, and temporary, furniture arrangement and it's nice to have the table in the window and watch the world go by as we eat.  Not nice enough to cancel the order of new sofas, but nice nonetheless.  I’m less keen on having to swerve around the still detached dresser, but it’s nice to have a bit of a make do kitchen island, which brings the cookbooks actually into the kitchen.  Whereas previously they were approximately a whole four metres away in the other side of the doors you can just see in the photo below.  

My new kitchen "island"

I can definitely see the attraction of a kitchen island, and not just because of their usual sleek good looks.  Our bookcase is a little too close to the units, and was placed so we can just open the dishwasher door, the oven door and larder cupboard as not being able to use the first two wasn’t really an option.  Although arguably blocking these could have forced a "the kitchen's shut" approach, but with a freezer (or part of) still to eat that didn’t really work, and I remember from when we had the kitchen put in, it's not as fun as you ever think it will be.

What is strange is that it's already made our kitchen a more social space, something I wasn't expecting.  I think because there’s a focus for somewhere to hang out, which we didn’t have before, and so it just felt like you (or MOH) was loitering and making the place look untidy.

Wasn't it wintery today?  I hope we haven't skipped straight to autumn, or worse winter with only a brief sniff at spring and summer.  I've a whole new warmer weather wardrobe to wear, as that hot spell made me realise that neither me or my wardrobe were ready for it.  Now at least, my wardrobe is more prepared, and I've even splashed out and bought myself a new swimming costume.  Unusually for me, a one piece as I was quite taken with it and it's the sort of thing everyone should haven isn't it, as you never know when you might need one.

A dotty new swimsuit

I had a staple swimming costume, or so I thought, a safe black halter neck sort, the type that would do for anywhere. Only thing was when I checked it out whilst packing for that spa weekend break earlier in the year I discovered it had lost its elasticity, no doubt through age and potential underuse, and so that went into the bin.

Now that I've got its replacement I’m even planning - or researching at least, which is the first step of planning - to actually use it. There’s the lido up the road to us, which in all the time we've lived here I’ve never even been close to, which feels slightly wrong.  I'm not sure I'm up for that just yet, I think I need to check I can still float first - don't laugh, I don't find floating that easy, never have. 

I'm not a big swimmer either, but well it's good for you isn't it?  Through my research I’ve learnt that the new (or maybe not so new anymore) Greenwich Centre, just along from the office has a pool and a plan is starting to form.  The next step is to  go and check it out in person, and sort out a Greenwich card which provides cheaper entry fees and then this new cossie might actually get wet!

Along with my press ups it's a start to my plan to get myself fitter.  I'm up to forty press ups, which is the most I've ever done, and need to push myself a bit further.  I’ve think my walking to work fitness benefits have plateaued and adding swimming, the press ups and perhaps even some Pilates again can only be a good thing.  I’m also working out how to include MOH in this plan, but it seems he’s as a reluctant swimmer as me, and not even some new swimmers will tempt him, but there’s a gym at this place too, and he seems keener on that, so we’ll see.

Are you like me and build up to a new fitness regime, or are you more like my shopping self and just dive in?  (Pun not intended!)