Hello April!

My Papergang box for April is very pink!  And a few days later than usual, April seemed to have snuck up on me.

Once again the stationery in the box is something I'm unlikely to have chosen and bought myself, but like last months now that it's here I'm glad that it is. I think the point of these boxes is the surprise and gift element and if that means pushing you away from your norms and comfort zone.  

A bullet journal in April's papergang box

It's all pretty and functional enough that it will be used, but that may not be immediately.  I'm fine with that as I often have a stash of things that are waiting for the right occasion.  As well as the usual month card, this month's notebook is a bullet journal, the page is full of dots and so with the rule (which does have numbers on and just hasn't shown in the photograph) it can be kept neat.

My current blog planner is loosely based on a bullet journal, but it's quite freeform and not that pretty, but it works for me, especially as I can tick things off lists.  Some stickers and more uniformity would definitely help, so we'll see how that goes.

Bring your own sunshine card - how true has that been this year?

That card.  How true has that been so far this year.  There's been glimpses of sun, but the only sure way to have sun lately has been to bring your own.  It's not a bad saying in any case is it?

Pencils, a pouch and stickers compete the April Papergang box

Also in the box were the stickers I mentioned before, a clear pink pouch which will get used and three chubby pencils. And as you can see with it all piled up, it is very pink.  This box is the last of my Christmas present subscription and it's been a great present. It's been a good reminder that to receive some treats every now and then is a good thing.  

Last month I contemplated extending the subscription for myself, so far I haven't, and I think I'll take a look around to look at other kinds of subscription boxes.  I'm not much into a beauty box, but I've seen some gin based boxes and some craft based boxes which could be more my thing.  If you've had subscription boxes that you've been impressed with then I'd be interested to hear about them.