Reflecting on my week #29

In the past week I've become obsessed with sofas, settees, couches or whatever you choose to call them. For me it's a sofa, and as our garden sofa which we were temporarily using in our living room was becoming a bit of a permanent, and not quite so comfortable feature we decided that it was time to make a change. The change was to swap the sofas over, so now we're sitting on our old two seater sofa, which is only a little bit more comfortable, but not much and looking at the garden sofa.

This week we've learnt that we've become used to the style of the lower and more modern garden sofa, which has been an interesting discovery.  Before I'd have said we were very much in the traditional sofa camp, but the worst thing about sharing a two-seater sofa isn't the close proximity of each other, but the higher arms.  They don't appear to be at a comfortable height for either of us. 

It's meant the tape measure has been out and both sofas have been measured every which way.  There's been some sofa surfing too, and some samples ordered.  Before when we were looking at sofas we weren't sure what colour we wanted, but we already know that we're happy with grey. Now it's just a case, of which grey!

NOT MY SOFA! Photo by  Kari Shea  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

So it seems the week has been dominated by this, and my quest to get us something comfortable to sit on, and as soon as we can. I'm sure there'll be a journey, and a few experiences along the way, but I really hope there's a couple of stylish and comfy sofas not too much longer than a couple of months away.

And on the plus side at least now we know what we want, and we've the impetus to actually make it happen.  Although I don't want them to arrive too soon, or at least while the conservatory work is taking place.  We're starting to plan more for that, but there'll be more to come on that soon, I'm sure.

I've still not managed much in the garden, thanks to the weather. It's true there has been dry spells but somehow they've coincided with other plans.  My cold which arrived promptly on Easter Sunday has departed just as quickly, although it did wipe me out for a day or two.  And after a week fighting a cold an easy Saturday was very much called for, and that's what we got. 

There was plenty of crochet while watching sport, some sofa juggling which I've already mentioned briefly and my favourite cut of steak for tea.  I'm a cheap date, it seems, the flat iron is my favourite and while I like a nice rib eye, and it'd be a tough choice it's always good to have some of the more textured steak in my freezer.

Though that's another thing that's been under scrutiny this week. Or rather its contents.  We've not got to the strange combination meals yet, but there's still time!

I've even heard reports that the rain may stop by the weekend too... We'll see!