Petrol at Creake Abbey

We’ve popped up to Norfolk this weekend, but sadly not for the weather. We’ve had all sorts, along with the what seems like obligatory wind in this part of the world, including hailstones, rain and sun. The good thing about the rain is that the wind stops, small blessings hey?

This photo of the fabulously vintage petrol pump is one from our visit here earlier in the year, and is just around the corner of the building which is home to all of those galvanised pots at Creake Abbey. I’m a fan of its patina and the layers of paint which have no doubt built up over the years.

An old fashioned petrol pump

It’s true, they just don’t make them like this any more - and that’s probably just as well, but it’s good to see that some of these have survived. There’s a couple of petrol pumps in St Mawes down in Cornwall, which from memory where red (the photo in the post is black and white). Looking at these again they seem slightly newer than this one!