A spot of sun in dad's garden

In that milder weather recently I managed to pop out and take a few pictures of dad’s garden. Everything looks so much better in the sun and his crocuses were no exception. One area of his garden is carpeted with crocuses, which he tells me he’s going to try and move some of them so they can be seen from the conservatory. His plan is to plant and grow them in a triangular shape, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on.

Crocuses in the sun in dad's garden

Luckily he knows he won’t move all of them, and having seen them getting ready to flower this year, that’s good to know. I think they’ll look spectacular growing in the grass, rather than his veg bed - although they look pretty good there, don’t they?

a carpet of crocuses

I had a peek through the windows of the greenhouse not wanting to disturb the temperatures inside. The scent of the hyacinth will I’m sure have filled the space, and only just now I’ve noticed the cigarello-like leaves of tulips in a pot to the right of them.

hyacinth taking a bit of a lean

I read somewhere, I can’t remember where, that moss is in this year. That’s good news for my garden and good news for dad’s too though I’m sure he’s less soppy about clearing moss out of the greenhouse gutters than I am. It looks pretty good close up, this year we’ve got more moss in our drive than ever before, and I’m less impressed with that.

Moss and dew on the greenhouse

Dad’s olive tree is thriving, a few years ago dad was all for cutting it down as it was getting out of hand. I’m glad he didn’t but I do think it’s possibly the only olive topiary for a good few miles.

Olive isn't the first choice for topiary

The leaves are those of Lords and Ladies, some of which have migrated to my garden, but the bud doesn’t belong to them. It looks more lily-like, I meant to look again on our more recent visit, but didn’t remember to. I’m sure though that the don’t belong to the same plant, as much as they look like they might.

A usurper, but which - the bud or the leaves?

The glow of the sun was entirely visible as you can see in the next couple of photos. The first is of what looks like it’s going to be a very large foxglove, nestled right in the corner of the bed, but so large that it’s having to tumble over the border.

foxgloves in a sunny corner
Of course there had to be a yellow crocus

And as this post is crocus in the sun heavy, what other photo would I end on? Can’t you feel the warmth just shining though?