Reflecting on my week #77

My desk - messy but colourful

I wasn’t going to write a ‘my week’ post this week, as when I sat down it seemed that I’d be writing that it was busy at work, again. Which, while it’s true, isn’t very exciting to read, or to write.

But here I am, and although it’s late, it’s still Monday. And so I’m writing it.

We visited MOH’s family at the weekend and it was great to sit down, relax and kick back. There was good food, good wine and generally a good time. I’d forgotten my contact lens solution and case, and my thyroid tablets, but I think that says more about my working week than I care to admit.

I’d had a foot appointment during the week, which was another assessment. I left with some exercises - calf stretches, another appointment and the advice to wear trainers. That final bit of advice was a bit deflating if I’m honest, I’ve been mostly wearing trainers for the best part of a year now, and while I love my Vionic trainers which are still oh-so-comfortable, most of my wardrobe isn’t a trainer friendly wardrobe, and nor am I up for shopping for a whole new wardrobe.

I realised that I’m getting fed up of wearing trainers, fed up of wearing socks - my feet get hot and then the rest of me overheats too, and I’m fed up of wearing the same clothes. This sounds a massive whinge, and it is a bit, but it’s also partly the time of year I think. Now the nicer weather has hinted it’s around the corner I’m keen for it to be here and to shed my winter wardrobe and pull out something a bit more colourful.

Colour has been a bit of a theme, as instead of writing this post when I sat down Sunday evening I somehow started a new gardens and gardening linky. I know, funny how at times, something what seems quite random manifests itself. You may have seen the post earlier - ‘Get creative with colour’ this April which is part of a campaign to show how gardening is good for us.

I think I just needed an injection of colour. I thought the blue skies and yellow pom-pom bushes on the way to work might do it, but not even that was enough. Mid-morning when I looked at my messy, but productive desk I realised that that too screamed out colour, and that made me smile. There’s no escaping it colour is what gives me a boost when I need it. That and some shoe shopping - I’ve another pair of trainers, that have a bit of bling, on the way.

I’ve also been suffering with aching hips this week, so much so that alongside working later than I planned to and life generally, I’ve now missed a week of my new exercise routine, which doesn’t fill me with joy either. Through monitoring when they ache I’ve learnt it’s not related to my foot issue, it doesn’t hurt any more or any less if I adjust how far I walk, but they can feel better if I sit with my feet up. That was something I discovered quite by mistake in the reclining sofas which my SIL has. That means I’m off to the doctors again this week to see if those blood tests showed anything, and to see if there’s anything more on what the joint pain might be.

If not I think I’ll be in the market for a pouffe that I can put my feet up on!