Reflecting on my week #81

This last week I’ve decided to up my walking game in a bid to be a bit more active, and that’s meant the start of the #LongWalkHome for me over on my Instagram stories. With Greenwich Park on my doorstep and already part of my walking commute I figured that I’d be daft not to make more use of it. And so I have, my long walks home have included walking to parts of the park, like the Flower Garden, which I’ve not visited for quite a while. While I’m tracking my routes, speed and mileage out of curiosity and pure geekness, if anyone else clocks that I’m on a bit of a long winded route around the park, I’m convinced they’ll think I’m a little bonkers.

It’s not just in the park that I’ve ventured though, in an bid to make my 1.8mile route to and from work a little longer and more varied I’m taking different streets, quite often purposefully to take me out of my way a little. It’s paid off though as there’s plenty to see. I’m trying not to stop too often, but sometimes it would be rude not to, and take a snap or two. Like this one, it looks perfectly composed, and it is, but naturally so.

fallen cherry blossom

The fallen blossom in the background, the cluster of blossom falling onto the moss and the stone wall in the foreground. I’m not sure I could have placed these any more perfectly. Cherry blossom time in Greenwich Park is a pretty special, but busy time, so it’s nice to find something to photograph that not everyone has.

Sunday was London Marathon day, and for us that means quiet roads and usually I dub it ‘meet the neighbours day’ - this year though there were fewer of us, with even MOH off out early on a bike ride for the day. There were no less marathon runners though, and I thought the backdrop of the runners would provide the background I wanted for my #PissOffPhyllis badge - although if you saw on Instagram yesterday, you’ll have seen that a photo off the TV of someone running for Bowel cancer trumped this one.

london marathon 2019 and #pissoffphyllis

On Sunday evening I was part of something special, sending quite a large #LoveBomb to a fellow blogger who’s recently been diagnosed with Bowel cancer. Her reaction made me cry, but it was a reminder that bloggers are amazing. There’s more in my post from yesterday if you want to know more, or just go and check out the hashtag on any of your social channels.

Usually Marathon Day means a cooked breakfast, as it’s hard work watching 20,000 or so runners go past. But there’s not much fun in a lone cooked breakfast, especially when you’re trying to be good, so another tack was called for this year. The revised approach also gave me the perfect opportunity to use my new crockery.

breakfast detritus

Saturday I dragged MOH up to the garden centre. My plan was to get him to lug the seed compost that was on my list, and that happened, but somehow we made a few extra stops along the way and I returned home with a couple of tomato plants, a sage plant and some new solar lights which look interesting. There was soil compost too so that’s a bonus, although there’s been little seed planting as such so far, but with lighter evenings there’s a chance for some evening greenhouse pottering.

tomatoes and sage

It was so chilly though on Saturday that I didn’t brave the garden, in fact in the end we caved and the heating went on for a short while. C’mon weather, it’s April.