Conservatory news - and progress!

You might have been wondering what's happening with our Conservatory work, and you're right I have been rather quiet about it, other than telling you work has started.  And there's been a very good reason for that, which I can now explain.

[It really isn't that exciting, but my security conscious head prevented me from sharing before now]

The day the builders started work, I arrived home to this.

Our conservatory doors in the drive

Yes, that's our old, exterior conservatory doors in our drive.  I knew that the new doors weren't due to arrive for a week or so, so I was curious as to what I'd find (or not) inside.  But before that, when I left for work that morning, I'd left them taking out the window that needed replacing.  That had already given them some gyp, it was heavy - well it is a big window, but they also discovered it wasn't toughened glass as they struggled to break the unit.

The white dots are actually where it's been hit with a hammer

The white "dots" are where the window had been hit with a hammer (by the builders) in an attempt to smash the glass.  Not only was it heavy, but it was stubborn, but they did manage to get it into the black sacks show in the first photo. 

So there wasn't too much left of our conservatory...

Our new "open" look conservatory

It certainly had an open feel, and it did amuse me that our doormat had now moved to the other end of the conservatory, in front of some of the only doors we had left.  Thankfully the internal doors did lock, but nonetheless we did feel kind of exposed, which is why I've not shared more before.

A new home for the doormat

So this is where the window used to be: 

Where the window used to be

I also noticed a new lump of wood on the outside, this no longer looks like this after, but is the way our builders have devised of adding guttering to our structure.  Our conservatory has been up since 1996, and not had a piece of guttering even waved at it I'm sure in its lifetime.  That's not great and has contributed to the damage on the window and windowsill.  

A new addition to the exterior in preparation for guttering

And this is where the doors used to be.

Where the doors used to be

And the final piece of work for day one, was adding these roof bars where the laminated glass joins were starting to fail, as MOH and I were in agreement that there was little point in doing this work - and spending the money - if the roof were to start leaking soon (or relatively soon) after.

Repairing the roof

So that's the first day's work completed - great - which left us with no conservatory doors for the first Bank Holiday weekend.  Hmmmnnn, there is obviously more to come - and don't worry, there won't be a day by day update, the next update will cover all of the second week - and at least that was four days.

More soon..

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