Reflecting on my week #36

I had a great week last week, and the signs are that it's likely to continue, and it's weeks like this that remind me how much I enjoy this time of year.

My visit to the Chelsea Flower Show was everything I expected it to be, and more.  Going on Press Day was by far my best experience of the show so far, even though I went alone, although I suspect that contributed to the 600 or so photos I took on the day.  The editing is still in progress, although I've already shared my highlights from the Show gardens, Artisan gardens and the Space to Grow gardens in one post and of the Great Pavilion in another.  

I'm planning to share much more from the show and surrounding area which also joins in with "Chelsea in Bloom" - but little did I know when I snapped this errant lupin that it would be these flowers that would be the star of the show.  There are always lupins at Chelsea but there seemed to be more than I remembered, and more exotic shades too.



I thought I'd covered every inch of the show, but it was only on the way home that I realised I missed two of the artisan gardens, and then later watching the coverage that I hadn't even seen all of the pavilion either.  I couldn't be that disappointed though as I'd seen so much, had a great day and walked over eleven kilometres.  My feet knew it too!

When I got home I spent some time admiring our new conservatory doors, and our new window, all of which had been fitted in super quick time by our builders.  We're now almost near the end of our renovation work and I'll share the next update later this week.  While I'd wanted to share more before, we had felt a little exposed with our internal (lockable) doors, acting as exterior doors and so it was good to see the new ones in place quickly.

It's amazing how they've transformed our room, even though there's decorating to be done by swapping out two sets of wooden doors for anthracite grey bifold doors, and replacing the cloudy window, it's easy to see the improvement.  The floor was sanded on Friday and that too looks great, although there was the potential for a bit of a hairy moment there.

Luckily though MOH was at home Friday and when a sample of the stain was put on the wood he wasn't sure. We'd chosen 'linen' which actually turned out to be a much darker brown than we'd expected.  A photo was sent to me by email, and confirmation quickly received that the linen was a no go!  It turns out the natural look of the floor is of good enough quality to have a simple varnish and buff up, and so that's what we're doing.

The weather has been odd again though hasn't it?  The warmth and sun has been appreciated and the storm on Saturday night was something else.  And another warm and dry Bank Holiday, we are being spoilt!  We sat in the garden watching a storm in the distance.  There were rumblings of thunder, flashes of lightening and just a hint of damp in the air.  We were poised to collect everything up and head inside, but nothing more materialised.

It's been a relatively productive week too as I've finally managed to decide on a cottage for our week away in July.  We're heading off to Yorkshire for a week with a cottage just outside Ripon.  MOH will be taking his bike, but I've a feeling it'll be a little hilly for me and so while he's off cycling the Dales I'm aiming to head over to RHS Harlow Carr at least a couple of times.  The sticking point was a hot tub, we'd seen lodges and cottages with their own hot tubs, but not for the dates we wanted. Then I found one but it was twice the price of those without and I had to reconcile that, as the larger price tag didn't really make sense for the one or two times we'd actually use the hot tub.  

It's my birthday today and we've taken the day off work to chill, go shopping and go out for a meal. In my mind's plan the weather would be good, and we would lunch in the garden with a glass of vino or two, much like the previous days of the weekend.  In reality, there's another storm in progress, the rain is like a river in the road outside and I've had at least a couple of outfit replans as I try and gauge the weather.  I'm now resigned to getting wet, as surely no one will be able to stay dry in this...

MOH knows me well and along with a cup of tea in bed this morning he presented me with some of the best chocolate, he's definitely a keeper.  The builders too must have sensed an early start might not be welcome and didn't arrive until later than usual.  Given the weather, I bet they're glad they're working on the inside part of our conservatory.

A Montezuma's chocolate birthday treat.

We're off into town for some shopping - I'm hoping to get some wooden shoes from Hasbeens, I've been stalking them online and I can't work out which style to go for - and eating this afternoon, let's hope the restaurant has some fab loos!