Balls of flowers

Last week I promised you actual flowers for this Friday’s post, and here they are. They’re from inside the Great Pavilion at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show, I don’t remember which stand, but when I saw them as I was sorting through my photos I knew they were just right for this post. The bouquet or arrangement grabs your attention doesn’t it, but look more closely at the inset in the display base, and you’ll see a variety of bulbs that are in various states of growth. That’s the thing about bulbs, like seeds, they’re programmed to grow.

Looking down on a ball of flowers at Chelsea in 2018

The ‘ball’ above were part of a larger display that is way beyond my flower arranging skills, but let’s be honest, it’s a fairly low bar. Displaying the spheres on open shelving is an interesting approach, and one I like. The dangly bits in the photos are from the orchids, we’re used to seeing them curled up in pots.

An unusual way to display the flower balls

The pastel arrangement behind the spheres was huge, and goodness knows how many flowers it contains. It’s style is quite in contrast to the spheres, and I have to admit the one below with its bright colours is definitely my favourite.

Bursting with colour at Chelsea 2018

Flowers, really do just make you smile don’t they? These definitely do. Sigh.