Post Comment Love 1-3 June

Hello there and welcome to the first Post Comment Love of June, I'm not sure how we're already this far through the year, but it seems we are.  If you were here last week it was great to see you, and if you're new here you're very welcome.  Even though I'm still reading last week's posts, I know you'll find some great blogs and posts to read.

This week I've been even more of a jumble than a usual week with a Bank Holiday in. It was my birthday on Tuesday and so we took the day off work, which was lovely - apart from the weather! - but it's meant that I've been even more confused by what day it is.  I'll be glad when it really is Friday, this week.

As usual I've a busy weekend planned, and am expecting our new allotment shed to arrive tomorrow.  We've some more time off at the end of next week and we've the exciting task of clearing out MOH's shed in the garden as now our conservatory work is drawing to a close (yay!) his bike will no longer form part of the decor in there.

My photo this week is of another favourite plant, but one that's a bit cheeky too.  I say cheeky, others might say invasive, but as the plant is known as mind your own business I can't help but like it.  It's one that I'm sure MOH pulls up when I'm not looking, but I've thwarted that by having backup pots growing so I can easily replace it!

Mind your own business crosses the threshold of my greenhouse

Blogger Showcase: Ashley from Adventure Out There

You can read Ashley's full answers over on Morgan's blog this week, but before you go let me share a snipped of our Blogger Showcase this week.  Ashley is a travel blogger, a Canadian living and working in France who enjoys giving travel advice from the tricks she's learnt herself.  She's kind, determined and curious and thinks you can't go wrong with cake - I think I agree with that!

Connect with Ashley on her social channels:  Twitter  -  Pinterest  -  Instagram (photography)  -  Instagram (lifestyle)  -  Facebook