Reflecting on my week #38

I was right when I ended last week's post saying we might not achieve everything on our to do list, so far we haven't and as it's Sunday evening as I'm writing this, realistically we're unlikely to.  Although for just a few days off work we've done a lot, and feel like we've had more time than that away from the office.

The deliveries mostly arrived when they were expected.  The rearranged delivery for the small shed for the allotment arrived as planned and that was quickly despatched to the boot of the car in readiness for taking to the plot during our time off; the map wallpaper from Wallsauce arrived speedily and thankfully robustly packaged, and so I’m faced with facing my fear sooner than I expected.  But as we're still ridding ourself of dust - it's amazing how much we're still finding - while I've taken it out of the box, I've not yet taken it out of the tube, which is incredibly restrained of me I know, but the last thing I want is for it to be covered in the yellow dust...

The plants I'd ordered for the allotment arrived, and while they're still "on hold" in the garden it seems I've ended up with more tomatoes than I'd planned from Victoriana Nursery in Ashford - thank you - I assume that's because most gardeners are much more organised than me and had already placed their orders, and with the tomato plant season coming to an end I was lucky.  I was already planning on splitting my tomato plants between the garden and the plot, and this is something I'll definitely be doing now.

Our new drinks trolley arrived, and the next day a replacement piece of glass for it arrived.  When MOH picked up the box containing the glass, it was clear all was not well.  I shared a photo of the broken glass in Friday's post, and will share more of the complete item soon, MOH has recently read an article about “layering your drinks trolley” which I’m taking to mean I can faff about with it, or style it as other bloggers might say.  I think you can tell a lot by a company's after sales service, and receiving the replacement glass the next day, without quibbles, was great service.

The fridge-freezer, which we moved into the house with us some fifteen years ago "because it wouldn't last" has finally been emptied and removed from the house.  We're waiting for it to be collected by the council, but it's already been stripped of its motor by a passer by.  Each to their own, I guess.

We've polished the floor - that's the Royal we - I left MOH to it, and he's done a great job.  After a month's worth of dust and builder's feet, the wooden floor was starting to lose its shine, but not any more.  We're hoping to get the table back into its usual place this week and return to some sense of normality with our furniture arrangements.

You might have already realised, but if not we are builder free now - yay! - and have started to “reload the conservatory.  They helpfully moved the large dresser back for us, I'd emptied it first or they might not have moved it an inch, and I’m glad they did as I wasn’t looking forward to moving it again.  It's the third time we've used The London Building Company and I've been really pleased with the quality of their work and attitude, so I'd happily recommend them, and I already know two of our neighbours have already been in touch with them for their projects.

Remember the amaryllis from dad? Well that's started to flower, it’s patiently waited until the conservatory was ready for it, both flowers are in full bloom now, and it really is spectacular.

Two flowers flowering on my amaryllis from dad

There's still some more sorting and moving of stuff to be done, as our spare room still seems pretty full.  I'm liking the uncluttered look, so some of it may be finding a new home.  In fairness, some of it, like the garden lights can now go out into the garden and some of it will go into the remaining empty cupboard of the dresser. 

And then we'll see what's left.  And work out what happens next!



It wasn't all hard work though this week.  MOH has been perfecting his best cocktail making skills and we've sampled a Negroni, a Margarita and a Martini, along with perhaps a G&T or two.

We also celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary with a meal out at The Hawksmoor at Borough.  Steak, cocktails and good company are my idea of a perfect night out. 

Add in some new shoes and I'm there with bells on, although in this instance the new shoes, while pretty and fairly sensible-ish (think block heel rather than high), did give me a blister which wasn't so good.  I'm not giving up on them though, I'll just need to practice wearing them some more!

Looking ahead to this week we’ll be juggling finishing the tasks on our list (and more) with our usual routine, and next Sunday we’re heading off to Birmingham for Gardener’s World Live at the NEC. It’s my first time at the show, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m not sure of exactly what I’ll find, but I’m hoping that that blister will be long gone by then...