Reflecting on my week #39

For a minute there I thought I’d jinxed the weather saying in my last post that we almost expect the weather to be good. Yesterday we were up early and out of the house before I usually get up and heading for a day at Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC in Birmingham.  It was a bit grey and windy as we left and although the sun broke through at points, it wasn’t the best day weather-wise, but the show was excellent. 

I’ve more to share from there - of course - and my photos today and tomorrow, in my highlights post will be from there. There was much to see, but it's the simplicity of the photo which really appealed to me, and therefore became the first photo I'm sharing from the show.



I’d spent the day before mostly catching up on chores at home and in the garden and it had been one of those productive kind of days.  The seedlings in the greenhouse have been potted on, the second sowing of beans are already five inches high and all are a step closer to their place on the plot.

We’ve been over to the plot again during the week. More strImming for me and shed putting together for MOH, who appears to be taking the “instructions are for wimps” approach coupled with occasionally some head scratching.

We’ve discovered that his drill is almost kaput and not holding the charge for long enough to do anything useful, so at some point soon it’ll need replacing, which in turn will hopefully speed up the shed building. It’s only a little shed, trust me, and it’s already taken three attempts.

We’ve picked more strawberries from the plot, and some whoppers too. I’m getting to the point where I want something more to do with them, but we’ll see.  There’s more good news on the way too, as the raspberry bushes, despite growing in grass, look as if they’re starting to fruit.  I’ve still some takeaway containers of raspberries in the freezer, so we need to get on and eat them before this year’s ripen. 

A tough job... 

The bites that I encountered on our last visit have stopped swelling and now look pretty innocuous, you wouldn’t believe how much they caused my arm (and foot) to swell.  I think wellies will need to be my footwear of choice for future visits, they will look a bit daft but it’s all about prevention right now. 

Talking of wellies, I spotted this sheep family at Gardeners’ World Live and couldn’t help but have a smile to myself.  



Other than bites, strawberries, chores and a trip to Birmingham and appearing on Paula's blog it's been a quiet week. Obviously the World Cup has started and in the office sweepstake I have France and Spain, both of whom aren’t bad, but both got off to a rocky start.  We’ll see...

The exciting news is this week our new sofas arrive on Wednesday, yay!  Already the uncomfortable and old brown faux leather sofa had been collected by the council, along with the “temporary” fridge freezer - we’re making headway, slowly, but it’s all progress!