Reflecting on my week #40

I hinted in Friday’s post that last week had been a bit of a week, and in fact it had many emotions from across the scale and a scare or two along the way. The first was when our house alarm went into “burglar mode" - I was going to add unexpectedly, but no one expects a burglar do they?  It was 5:15pm on a weekday, we were both at work and ignoring my first reaction to turn it off, I spoke with MOH.

It wasn’t him and it wasn’t me, but could it really be a burglar? Neither of us knew, but both of us headed home fearing the worst but hoping for the best.  I arrived home first and paused, if there were people in our house I wasn't sure I wanted to join them, so made use of the bus stop outside to assess the situation.  Luckily everything was normal looking and we didn't have burglars, phew. 

Later that evening still puzzled by what had set it off we received a text from the builders to say they'd stopped by unannounced to look at their next piece of work and the alarm had gone off but had stopped when they closed the door.  So mystery solved. We couldn't help but smile at the uncanny timing at which MOH had deactivated the alarm remotely.  Needless to say they texted before they came back later in the week!

There's been quite a bit of family time this week too with my FIL admitted to hospital following the news his treatment plan isn't as effective as had been hoped.  This isn't my story to tell so that's as much as I'll share here, but there's been tears, frustration, laughter and some wine, with lots of plans made and remade throughout the week, and I've a feeling there's much more of that to come too.  

In a recent post I told you we'd had The Letter from the council about tending our plot, I'd spoken with them and thought I'd sorted it out, and we'd spent some time trying to tame the plot.  However it seems not, we received The Follow Up Letter giving us notice to quit, and so, in what was an easy decision we've started to remove things from our plot.  

loading up the car

There's still the new shed and my rhubarb plant to come, along with some leaf mulch I want to make use of in the veg's new home, but that should be sorted with another trip.  With our time - and attention - diverted elsewhere at the moment and the amount of work that's needed, it was the thing to give.  

It's not something we planned and I'm sad obviously but the plot has always been hard work. In all the time we've had it we've been unable to completely tame the beds we've used, or extend our use throughout the plot, the weeds - and grass - return with vigour, and while we've had some good harvests it's feeling like an uphill battle.  I'm slightly frustrated with the council for letting it get into such a bad state in the first place and for not recognising the work we've done to get it this far.  Had it been a perfect plot which we'd neglected and let slide into disrepair I think they'd have a case, but it wasn't, and I know we've left it in a far better position than it was when we took it on. 

Now I just need to work out where and how to plant the veg I have in the greenhouse without compromising the garden, which was the point of us having the allotment in the first place.  I'm sure the answer is pots - or troughs - and I have a plan, so watch this space to see how that develops.  I've an immediate need to pot up what I have growing though, but knowing the space I have going forward should make it manageable.  And of course the potatoes which arrived during the week can always be grown in sacks.

There'll be some work to get our new set-up in place, but I think it'll work out just fine and it'll be nice to have my rosemary plant back in the garden, the small cutting I took back in 2016 has grown into a rather large plant already, and may in turn have some cuttings taken from it, just in case it doesn't survive the move in this heat.

At the weekend, as well as being amazed by the football score I made some focaccia and contemplated alcoholic baking, had the builders back for something exciting which I'll share this week and got some new hair.  The colour has covered all the greys, added some red and confused quite a few people at work today as I've seen some of them doing double takes and knowing that something was different, but they're not exactly sure what...