Reflecting on my week #37

Well, last week I said the weather had been odd, this week I don't think there's any doubt about it.  We headed off into town for some birthday shopping - all very successful - but on the way we encountered another of those storms. On the train there was a loud crack and I'm sure the lightening wasn't that far away from us, needless to say much later in the evening the trains were delayed because of the storms.  

We hadn't got far from Charing Cross when the heavens opened and kept on coming. We were already wet by the time we sheltered in a doorway to let the worst of it pass and amused ourselves with some impromptu people spotting - or soaking - in the meantime.  We misjudged our exit from the doorway and so ended up in another shop close by instead for some bike gear shopping, on reflection I'm not sure how impromptu this stop actually was.

Soaked through - caught in a lot of rain at Covent Garden

By the time we reached Covent Garden at least the rain had stopped, the cobbles were glistening and everything you can see in the photo above was soaking wet.  Ironic really that we were heading off to buy some sandals, and we did and now I'm the proud owner of some Swedish Hasbeens, which need treating with Olive Oil - that's for another day, and I've yet to get them out of the box, but let's just say it's love.

When the shopping was done, eventually it was time for cocktails and so we weaved our way to Six Storeys in Soho Square, a place I'd been to for a couple of blog events, but wanted to share the place with MOH.  We had some wicked cocktails - I didn't move from the Negronish page (and have since bought some red vermouth for MOH to recreate for me at home) and MOH, as predicted, stayed with the New and Old Fashioneds. It's just as well we only had time for a couple before heading along the road to Lobos Meat and Tapas for at least a pig and half each, as it turned out (not quite, obviously but it certainly felt like it).  

Going back to work on Wednesday was confusing, a short week anyway and I had no idea what day it was.  I only had a couple of days though and Friday night we were back out in town for another meal.  A good, but late evening and we had quite a surprise when we got home - everything seemed to be covered in a layer of fine dust, even the old leather two seat sofa and the air.  Thankfully it was late, so there was nothing else for it but a cup of tea in bed - rock and roll, hey?

But all of that meant that pretty much all of Saturday was spent giving the whole of the downstairs a deep clean.  I'm not a clean freak, but this needed it, every surface was dusted, wiped and dried at least once most probably more in our quest to get rid of the dust. The results were good, but it was a long day.

Checking the greenhouse at the weekend and my climbing beans were almost touching the roof, so it was clear that they needed to be planted or they'd become a tangle of beanstalks, as usual.  It was hot Sunday though, so we didn't head over there until mid afternoon in the hope that the temperatures might drop.  They hadn't and our exposed plot was basking in the sun, that's good for the plants (and the weeds, as we know) but less good for us and needing to water our crops.  

We left with some more rhubarb and some ginormous strawberries.  Well ginormous for us, on the larger side for shop bought strawberries, just way tastier.  I'm quite impressed with the strawberries though as they've sorted themselves out and become quite resilient, and we're going to enjoy eating them - MOH's already mooting the idea of making his world famous Eton Mess.

huge strawberries from the plot

Our conservatory building work is almost complete, and it's looking great.  I'll share another update later in the week, and while I'm pleased with the work, I'll be glad to get our house back and to have everything back where it should be, rather than the higgledy-piggledy approach we currently have. 

What's been invaluable over the last month or so though is having somewhere safe to put stuff down, somewhere I know where things are when I need them and something that's easily transportable. That thing has been one of these duck egg blue Wham studio baskets. It's good looking enough to be on show, and useful enough to hang onto.

It's turned into our 'kitchen drawer' which I banned (apart from cutlery) from our new kitchen, because a drawer-full of these kinds of items was too much and neither of us never sorted it out anyway.  This is a more manageable size, smaller but still useful, and I've been using it mainly to accumulate gardening jobs.

A handy carrying tray

The loo rolls are for sowing some more beans, the wine corks as a decorative "mulch" and weed preventer on some of our pots, it's a tough job generating more of this mulch, but it's one we'll soldier on with.  The seeds are those that I need to sow soon, there's some cucumbers in there, nasturtiums and a wildflower mix, as well as some wallflowers for next year.

The cabbage collars are new purchases and my plan is to not lose them before the cabbages arrive by keeping them safely here.  The citronella candle in my repurposed pudding dish, was on its way to the greenhouse and I've no idea when MOH snuck that screwdriver in there.

Using my Wham! tray to collect garden paraphernalia

It's a useful size, with useful cut out carrying handles, and I think this will get a lot of use.  I can also see it being really useful for craft projects, and immediately I can see it being redeployed when I make a batch of cards, or use my die-cutter.  In fact the possibilities are endless, and my challenge will be to avoid losing it to the shed or greenhouse permanently.

Needless to say this week I didn't get everything on my list done - it's rare that I do if I'm honest, and while I know it will never be done (and the it varies, it could be the allotment, the garden, my to do list etc.) at times it's impossible to even attempt it all, and for me, the humidity is one of those things that zaps me. 

So Sunday afternoon, mainly looked a lot like this.

My Sunday afternoon finished like this

And sometimes I'm not sure I even saw this as my eyes *might* have been closed, or resting as my dad says.  At other times over the weekend we've been entertained by two robins "chasing" each other around our garden and those of our neighbours in their own unseen circuit.  I know robins are territorial, but it's not clear if this is friendly, fun or combative.  I hope it's not the latter as it's fascinating to watch, and one almost seems to stop and wait for the other to catch up at times, who knows?

Looking ahead to this week it's a very short work week for me as we've three days off.  The plans currently include spending a day taking in parcels and deliveries, including some exciting ones, and once the builders have completed their snagging list reloading the conservatory and making more progress with our gardening and allotment, which I'm hopeful will be sporting a brand new shed by the time we're back to work, although with my track record on to do lists, we may not achieve it all. 

It's our wedding anniversary later in the week too, so we're off out for more cocktails and another meal, it's just that time of year...

* I received the studio basket free of charge in return for sharing my honest opinion.

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