A patchwork chenille rug

After giving the whole of our downstairs a thorough deep clean last weekend we couldn't resist trying out our almost-finished conservatory with some of our furnishings and the new rug that has patiently been waiting and flattening out camped out in our bedroom, and it was bliss to pretend we had a room that was sparkling clean, newly decorated and with furniture in the right place.

You can see from the photo below though, our builder's tools aren't far away and in this case just over the arm of our sofa.  But it's a lot less than it has been, and we can actually see the newly sanded and varnished floor, which has turned out fantastically well. That's not what I'm focusing on today though, it's the rug.

A glimpse at our new look conservatory with its new patchwork chenille rug
It's the Grey & Black Manhattan Patchwork Chenille rug from Best at Flooring and I'm really pleased by both it's simlicity and pattern. It's soft to the touch, as you'd expect with chenille, but with it's already looks like it will be hard wearing, which with MOH's bike being carried over it twice each day, will be essential.
A comfy place to sit

You'll know I'm a fan of mix and match patterns, and patchwork too, so it's no surprise that I'm a fan of this rug.  It is black and grey and some might find then a bit dull, but even though I love quite a splash of colour, I like this calmer scheme too but I couldn't resist adding a pair of bold geometric patterned cushions.

Plains, chevrons and patterns together
A closer look at the pattern of the rug

I couldn't resist adding a pop of yellow though, and I plan to add a couple of more colourful cushions at some point. One will be a patchwork design made of the samples I ordered recently in our quest for new sofas, which should be arriving in the next couple of weeks (yay!)  MOH's done that eye roll thing he does when he thinks I'm having another wacky idea, but I'll show him...

A head on shot of sofa, side table and a new patchwork rug

I'm pretty certain that this will soon become a favourite spot to sit and relax on those typically English summer days, when sitting in the garden really isn't an option.  You know just the sort of days, don't you?

Admiring my new patchwork chenille rug from Bestatflooring
A top down view and taking a pause to find some more gardens to visit
shadows of the jasmine through the window in the sunshine

It was a real treat to try out our furniture and the rug in our new space, and because we're in that super-cautious phase, even the rug got a run over with the hoover, and while it was far from filthy, it was easy to cover.  This week the builder's were due back to finish up, clean down and complete the snagging and so on Sunday evening we moved it all back out again - luckily it's all relatively light to lift.

I'm hoping it won't be too long before it's all back in there for good.

* This is a collaborative post, but all views are my own.