The Round Garden

This was one of the gardens I'd seen on Gardener's World before arriving in Birmingham, and as you might expect the circles appealed to me.  There was also a garden based on squares but somehow I missed that one, I'm not quite sure how. If I remember rightly there was a competition between the designers of the square and the round garden, and I'm pretty certain this one won.  Or if it didn't, it was definitely my favourite.  

But having my own garden full of circles that really didn't surprise you did it?

The Round Garden at Gardener's World Live

I love how the theme is repeated throughout the garden.  Since we added a raised bed of sleepers it has become my favourite place to sit and I think these benches would be relatively easy to replicate.  MOH thought so too as I caught him working out how to make these, perhaps for a future garden, who knows?  I'll not hold my breath though.

I also liked how the decking was flush with the stone circle, and how the lines matched up. I bet you didn't notice that did you?

A round seating area in the The Round Garden at Gardener's World Live

Clever huh?

I was less keen on the statue or stacked circle ornament, but I understand that the area needed some height and this was an effective way of ensuring that stayed throughout the year.  I did like the corten steel finish though.

circles everywhere in The Round Garden at Gardener's World Live

The planting was interesting too as it was mostly shrubs, but not boring shrubs at all. The variegated and coloured foliage made sure of that as well as the different shaped leaves. 

planting in The Round Garden at Gardener's World Live

So what do you think, are you a fan of circles in the garden yet?