Reflecting on my week #43

I thought I’d just about recovered and managed to get back onto London time and speed after our week away in Yorkshire.  But this week has thrown its own curveballs, and the worst kind of curveballs too.  But I'll come onto that.

I've finally given in and watering the garden has become a thing.  Some of the plants were looking decidedly worse for wear, some even going so far as looking a little crispy, which isn’t good. The rosemary I brought back from the allotment is a casualty of the weather, but I’m hoping I won’t lose many, if any, more.

My tomato plants are continuing to grow above the length of their canes, so I really mean they’re starting to flop around the greenhouse when things get a bit warm for them, so buying new - and longer - canes is on the list. I think I've sorted the new pot layout for the garden vegetable area and need to get on and order them.

Sunday MOH was due to do one of his silly length bike rides, but sensibly opted for a shorter distance - just the 68 miles then. On the face of it a sensible choice, but still slightly bonkers, especially in the heat.  Rather than spend the time baking in a field I took myself off to RHS Hyde Hall, and parts of that were looking a little parched too.

parched grass at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex

I'm not sure if this is so if there is rain it doesn't run straight off, or pool on the surface or another reason, but it wasn't what I was expecting to see.  My visit was also a good reminder that a lot can happen in a year. On my last visit I'm not even sure their roof was peeking over the hoardings.  Now they're fully operational with a cafe, learning centre and an exhibition space.

The rooftops of the new buildings - quite different to a year ago

The other new addition since my last visit was the new vegetable garden which has that knack of looking like it's been there for a while already.

hot feet in the vegetable garden
A pew with a view and a great place to enjoy some shade

It was a great place to stop and pause and enjoy the view of the vegetables and the dahlias, which were a-ma-zing.  Expect a post just on dahlias soon.  The ones below reminded me of the ones my dad grew many years ago, although I think the colours are a little wilder.

falling in love with dahlias at RHS hyde hall

There was a riot of colour in the old vegetable garden with a Thomson & Morgan fiesta of colour.  Every type of flower, every colour, everywhere you looked.

A riot of colour on the site of the old veg plot at RHS hyde hall

Would you believe my luck, the exhibition space had a Cacti show on and I've several more cacti photos now.  And, it gives me an excuse to talk about cowboy's bums again here, or lithops if you want to be more formal.

A cacti show at RHS hyde hall with lithops - or cowboys bums

They're still making me smile.  I left armed with armfuls of herbs with the plan to pot up a herb pot for the patio, and a replacement rosemary plant amongst the haul.  They're still enjoying a good drink in the pink trug, as my plans to get them planted didn't quite work out.  Sadly Tuesday was a day for bad news, the blogging community learnt of the sudden and shocking death of Kate from WitWitWoo who was taken far too soon. It was also the day my FIL lost his battle with cancer too, so you see it's been a funny old week.

my next job - finding a new home for the herbs

Take care, and as Kate would say: Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Bright. Be Big. Be Beautiful.

Let's all be a #BeMoreWitWitWoo