Pots at Montemenardo

Clearly my pots obsession is high at the moment. I’d planned this post even before I knew I was heading to the garden centre to look at the new pots I have in my garden. Maybe, that helped me find the pots I was after, or maybe it’s just coincidence.

Either way, the pots in this post - and their contents - struck a chord with me and are all from our Italian break last October. We stayed in an ‘agriturismo’ just outside Todi in Perugia. It was quiet, it was the end of the season, and we had the place to ourselves, apart from the owners. The weather was mixed, but generally sunny and warm enough to make use of the terraces, moving to make the most of the sun throughout the day.

terracotta pot, pretty pink flowering geraniums

It wasn’t our most active of holidays, but it was just what we needed. Spending time looking at the views of the Italian countryside, tasting some local wines like you do, and marvelling at the geraniums still in flower and the mass of aloe veras.

Potted aloe vera in dappled shade

But the pot that really captures the spirit of Montemendardo for me, was this tiny yellow pot of flowering succulents, which was just casually placed by the entrance. Some might never have noticed it, but once you did, it didn’t take long to realise its beauty.

flowering succulents in a cheery yellow pot

So pots don’t need to be large and showy to bring joy, but where you place them is key.