Reflecting on my week #41

We’ve had some shed fun this week, although I’m not sure MOH would really call it fun.  The half-assembled new shed was collected from the allotment, and of course it wouldn’t fit in the car assembled. So while I fetched and carried the remaining items from plot to car, MOH set about dismantling the shed with the screwdriver I’d thoughtfully popped into my bag. 

I’d forgotten that it needed a right-angle screwdriver though, and so we didn’t have all the tools needed. The allotment isn’t that far from home, so once the heavy base was removed MOH walked home carrying, almost wearing the shed - it must have been quite the sight for people driving past. 


I did go back and help him once I’d got the car home, and I do have some photos of him which I’ll not share here as I don’t think he’d be too impressed, in fact he didn’t look too impressed in the photos either...

The shed is now temporarily stored behind the pizza oven, in pieces once again and that’s a job for another day. No doubt our neighbour will spot it through the fence, get agitated and complain before he even knows where it’s going, so that’s something to look forward to.


The rhubarb is home too, but not before harvesting all its stems. I worked on the theory that if I can't pick many next year after replanting it, I'd make the most of it this year.  When I checked it on Saturday it was already throwing up a couple more stems so at the moment it doesn't seem too traumatised.  

I've left some more crowns on the plot, the smaller ones and I didn't bring my beans home as I've planted another set in a large pot.  When I'm back from Yorkshire I'll plant some more beans in the hope they'll catch up.  I've now also got most of my tomatoes planted in the greenhouse, the cabbages and other brassicas have been potted on and I've still to make a decision about their long term growing home, I'm hoping they'll be a little patient.

My FIL came home from hospital this week accompanied by a hospital bed and other paraphernalia including, as MOH put it, more drugs than the Libertines and a complicated schedule for taking them all, as well as home care.  It has been another peculiar week and one where I wasn't convinced we would get away in the end. 

But we did and after a relatively good run - apart from traffic a mile or so from home - we're spending a few days based near Ripon in a lovely barn.  Other than booking somewhere to stay our preparations have been fairly minimal, so we were pleased and surprised to discover some local ale in the welcome basket, it seems the brewery is less than ten minutes away and could make it onto our to visit list. 


I'll share more about where we're staying another day, but after arriving with fish and chips (quickly demolished) and opening a bottle of wine, we got that feeling of being watched.  Turning, we saw we'd been spotted by one of the farm's sheep who was giving us the eye, from the safety of the tractor.


Yesterday we explored relatively close by and ended up stumbling across a fantastic homewares shop, leaving with a cushion and two coasters in quite an impromptu purchase.  Cushions, as you know, are on my house shopping list so I was quite surprised when MOH was quite taken with one, so as it was "approved" that's the one we left with.

They had the most gorgeous enamel letters and that knack of putting things together in an effortlessly chic way, which I adore.  It's a bit of a worry that we discovered this on our first day, well, it's a worry for MOH at least...


Our second visit of the day was to the National Trust's Fountains Abbey and Royal Studley Water Garden, and both were stunning.  We had quite a stroll around the grounds, stopped for refreshments with a view, took plenty of photos and enjoyed the glorious weather like everyone else.


There were a number of follys around the grounds, but the most colourful was Polly, sadly though Polly wasn't well on our visit so we couldn't look inside, but we did leave giggling to ourselves about Polly being as sick as a parrot.  


I suspect we'll be back here during the week and maybe we'll get to see all of the follys, but we now also have a list of places to visit as long as our arm.  MOH's already tested out the hills on his bike, mine is at home as I'd predicted most of it would be uphill, but at least he's already ditched the idea of a 60 mile cycle in this heat, which I think is a good thing. 

On my list is Castle Howard and RHS Harlow Carr, but also Newby Hall and some of the RHS partner gardens, we'll see how many we get to...